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Independent Mind Set On The 2012 US General Election Debates Fever

2012 US General Election Electoral College Map
The notion that Liberals don’t support the “Freedom Of Speech” is bogus and ideological belief that has no facts whatsoever. What propaganda that feeds all sorts of angry and unchanging ears!? If they did, I guess you and I couldn't even write and or read this post in this blog. It is just hate on Obama from first day before even he issued any policy; he was proclaimed failure in the GOP mind-set. America has freedom of speech and true freedom period, than any other nation on the earth. I can attest that, and I’m the fruit of the American freedom. Out there in the world, freedom is an expensive thing, it is been bought by cash or blood, bribing or dying exchanging for a rightfully services that Americans takes for granted here at home. I urge you to get out of America and see for yourself. If you have lived oversees and still think the same, then I question your competence on what freedom means. "You don't know what you got until when you lose it". This say is so true now than ever before.

It is agreeable that President Obama has not done enough presenting the unemployment situation. To say that he saved the financial melt-down itself, is not resonating well because people did not fall on the financial meltdown and experience its calamities because Obama saved it. Yes he inherited a messy economy. We can all remember that January of 2009 we were losing 730,000+ jobs per month. Now we are growing and increasing jobs, though not faster enough but we are making jobs. We human tend to opt out bad stuff and chose good stuff automatically because it is in our nature no matter how true or untrue these things may have been. That is where Obama don’t get the credit for doing what he did in his capacity as one man, and Republican get credit for doing what they did, which is nothing and obstructing everything. I can agree anymore with President Clinton Arithmetic and the statement that GOP made economy messy, Obama did not clean up faster, now they want American people to give them back so that they can clean up faster. These analogies are fantastic describing the GOP.

On the other side, Republicans went so far to the right and cannot say that they did the country better by standing-by and becoming the party of "NO" and “Obstruction” as a strategy. Before Obama even took over the White House, Republicans number one job was to defeat Obama, while Americans were suffering losing 730,000 + jobs a month. Governor Romney even suggested letting Detroit go bankrupt, Bean Capital Style, and Obama said not on my watch. Today we could be driving Chinese made cars because American could not afford buying Japanese and or European cars may be. 

The strategy of "NO" and “Obstruction” prevented a lot of good leaders in the Republican from running, of which they could be better off beating up Obama now. i.e. Gov Jeb Bush, Colin Powell, Gov. Demint of Indiana, and so on. What we got from Republican, Gov. Romney, makes President Obama look like he is a very experienced president on all fronts. In this day and age how could anyone say that Russia is our number one enemy, yes, try to pitch-in and call himself '' Severely Conservative,'' jumping on the gun in the middle east crisis and finding himself on the wrong side and now criticized.

Gov. Romney's problem is he is trying to be someone he is not. We know him from the North East as architect of ObamNey Care, that he is now running away from. He can't buy the elections or votes of American people. He has Flip flopped in everything in ways, I can't even describe in one paragraph. He was against following one person, OBL and killing other individual terrorists whenever they are as a strategy. Obama has used the technology to kill them like flies and he is doing so. He has taken on Iran by far, and he has military standby to address Iran if they flinch. Obama is more Conservative than Romney. Obama is Weak? Are you kidding me?

Gov. Romney might think his politics on attacking Obama and injecting Israel will help him win the election, but it might cost Romney to govern if and ''big if ''he gets elected. We want America to grow and be active in all fronts and not bullying the world because we see time and time again that it doesn't work. Roman Empire was very strong, but where is it? American will be the beacon of the world by winning all fronts and not bullying only. That is what is missing from Gov. Romney. Most American's care less who is in power, so long as America is prospering in all fronts. I will rather have Obama as worse he has done than trying Gov. Romney who has helped Israel to become the punching bag of American politics and trying to bully American Presidents. He is the president of USA and not of Israel. That is going to shift dynamics of what American people really see cooked behind the scene by powerful people. I can’t wait for the debates and watch these issues because there is so much to learn here.

I think Obama coming out perceived that he talks like professors at college is not a plus to the American people. If he had changed the tactic and flow with the trend adapting constant engaging American people and tell them as it he could kill this stereotype early on. When he comes out look like professor and that sometimes can make people feel intermediate and or feel looked down. But boy his is persistent and aim like laser, there is part of Healthcare that we don't agree with, but American people overall give him credit for get it done. One thing I think we can all agree is that there is no a politician who can do everything to please or get accepted by everyone. The authentication of politician is very important. How can Gov. Romney refusing to give us, American people, and his tax returns? Yet he vetted his VP and team members by asking them their tax returns for at least 5 years. I can’t get a federal job as janitor without clean 5 years of tax return. How can he become president without the same years of tax return? We may be looking stupid but we are not and this is going to be in our minds as we go to the voting booth.

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