Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy US Constitution Day

The US Constitution
 Today is the United States Constitution Day. We are commemorating, the day of this great document that stands as the pillar of this great nation of all. The constitution, is the symbol of happiness and life time achievement of America.

The US Constitution is the law of land and the governing document that guides us all as individuals or associations and or institutions, to live and associate without clash. Whenever there is a conflict then, this constitution tells us what to do, each with our individual responsibilities.

No one is above the constitution, even leaders, elected officials and or the Commander In Chief. Whenever we practice our democracy that is rooted from the freedom and rights, we are embracing the constitution that guarantee us such things.

The US constitution has become the model of human rights, freedom and democracy. The nations of the world have chosen to mimic and customize the US Constitution to fit the needs of their individual nations and organizations. The constitution allows America to continue being the greatest welcoming nation under the son. Sky is the limit.

In the constitution we find all sorts of rights of human beings i.e. right to publicly assemble, form a peaceful association, freedom of speech, bare a arms, due-process, life, liberty and pursue of happiness e.t.c.

We may take these rights for granted but were paid by expensive price of properties and many times paid by blood. We are blessed to have such confident document and a system that guides us through all the times. Many places, all around the world, people are still shading blood to attain just fraction of the rights we enjoy.

Therefore it is the right thing to pay tribute to this important day and to educate our kids to grow empowered that the rights and freedom we are enjoying today come from the ultimate price paid by our fore-fathers, service men and women who fought and still are fighting the battles oversees and home to keep us all safe and free. It is our responsibility to instill in our children the importance of the constitution that we have, and the rights it guarantees us all. That way, they don’t grow taking these rights and freedom from the constitution for granted.

May God bless the United State of America and its peoples.


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