Friday, September 7, 2012

The 2012 Democratic National convention

2012 DNC

President Bill Clinton call for “arithmetic” is the political blow to the GOP than anything else during Democratic National Convention of 2012. I remember taking arithmetic in high school and boy it was fun and revealing. This call of us doing arithmetic is resonating than anything else. If I were GOP calling and pledging for more tax cut in this economy I will listen to the humor of President Obama on the GOP prescription on the bad economy.  It is that simple, with this bad economy tax cut is no brainier. The trickle down philosophy of past decade has brought us into our knees. Adding Gov. Romney tax rate, refusal to release tax return, controversial investments and off-shore banking I could be careful talking to majority of Americans who bears the loss of Wall Street and poor policies that brought this crisis.

Here comes Obama who did not benefit a dime from the risks and controversial steps he took to fix the economy and stop job bleeding get slammed by some who benefited greatly from this crisis. We are not robots, we are human and we can understand. We cannot all borrow money from our parents to start a business. May be we are not all made to be businesspersons and or our parents don’t have that kind of money.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and many in the GOP have been complaining and will continue to complain no matter what so long Obama is in the White House. They never accepted him or work to help him save the economy and creating jobs. They are stuck in the status quo, the America before civil rights. We all know that everything changed and anything that did not change is no longer viable. These guys are like robots aiming on segment of population that is still stuck in their own ways of America before civil right. The world is changing and transforming. Unless you transform and change with the world, GOP you are stuck with what you got the backward and never changing segment of Americans.

They were all patriotic about President Bush, so did I and many of us were too. But we also are critical on his tax cuts and economic policies. Have been said that, did president Obama did everything wrong? I work with people with developmental disabilities and it is hard to find one that does everything wrong in a course of the day. So it is 100% impossible for Obama to do everything wrong in a course of day, week, month, and years. Where are these folks telling what he did right like killing OBL, stop economy from the brink, stop bleeding of 700,000 plus to growth, stabilize wall street and restore American confidence, rescuing Auto Industry that is more than jobs, passing equal work to equal pay for women, stopping bankruptcy due to illness? That’s why I call them robotic and want all of us to act like robot.

Listen-up, change did come and change is here. If you don’t want to change the earth will shift beneath you and force change into you. Change is in demography, governing, economies, technology, politics, and environments based on time and place. This is applicable to anyone including Dems and GOP in particular. No one is safe when change is coming and that particular person is not prepared. Change does not discriminate; the only solution is to get prepared. That is what is lingering in our political organizations because they are stuck in the status quo of kicking the can down the road waiting for another round of spotlight by the opportunistic showing-off that they are taught while are not brave to take-on change as it comes.  

It is impossible to agree with a group of persons for every issue, likewise, it is impossible to disagree with the group of persons for every issues. This is the definition of compromise, but Conservatives are telling us all that compromise is wrong. Really? If that is the case, there could not be the United State of America, because our founders did compromise to reach the declaration of the independence. Also this is to say that Rush, Sean and GOP is not always right; likewise, Obama, Dems and liberals are not always right. Giving credit were it worth is the right thing to do and that is the distinction of the two giant political parties.  

The Joe Biden call for the GOP not to betting on American was classy and profound in the history of America. His life style and success are well coordinated in the majority of Americans who are the middle class. It is true that betting on American will cost your money.  

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