Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9-11 Commemoration, “United We Stand”

 9/11 Commemoration, "United We Stand

Today, September 11th 2012 we are remembering the day that America was attacked by the terrorists and it took away about 3,000 innocent lives. It has been a good eleven years since the terrorist attack and the wounds are still fresh as the incident is fresh in our memories. There is an old saying my grandmother used to say to her adversaries “I can forgive you, but I will not forget what you have done to me”. Looking at people and listen to all sort of news outlets and individuals here in America, the attitude is similar to the quote above. Understandably, people have forgiveness, but rightly will never forget this event. It is the right thing for us all to remember this day and give thanks to the innocent souls of servicemen and women, travelers and bystanders who were helping to serve lives of other, but instead theirs got taken away. Together, these men and women were good people doing the right thing that ordinary Americans always feels obliged to do throughout the history of this great nation.
September the Eleventh is not just a day, it is very special day that reminds us all of who we are and what the world means to us all. Yes, we were shaken and somehow threatened, but as many of our leaders and ordinary Americans lamented and stood firm with resilience, “United We Stand” indeed. Although our world was changed by this event in so many ways, our values and standing on the world have never changed and will never change because “We are Americans”. No one has ever  bet on Americans and win and we intend to keep it that way because this is the land of free and free people always does wonders. Terrorists thought that by attacking the homeland we will crack a fracture that will never heal and concur to fragment our foundation, but with the resiliency of the American people, terrorists attempt failed catastrophically, because we are unified and as always “United We Stand”.

American way of life has envied the world and also has liberated many in the world by extending her gentle and helping hands to those who are oppressed and needs a helping hand to get on their feet again. Terrorists wanted to deter the American aspiration and impose fear to the world and American people, but as always what is good outweighs the bad, terrorist lost and is continuing to loose. As good Christian, a good course always has positive inspiration and in turn changes people’s lives in a positive ways as well. Terrorism is like poison that makes people uninspired and lead them to do evil that harm others. It is a cancer of hatred; unfortunately, it is the ways of life that are taught to the adversaries.

In this day and age as we commemorate 9/11, let our hearts be no troubled or worried, because the Lord has claimed that vengeance as his job and be left onto him. Let us proceed healing our hearts and minds from the sorrow this incident has forced on to us. Yes we are sorrowed by this act of terror but once again “United We Stand” and “In God We Trust” that is who we are. Also we are troubled by the US Embassies in Dar-Es-Sallam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya and SS Cole. But we are safer and stronger today than ever. May almighty God bless the United States of America, home of the brave.  

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