Sunday, July 29, 2012

Life Is A Dream

Happy Sunday Every One.

As believer and follower of Christ, life is indeed a dream. It depends on how one wants life to be. One can make life fantastic or miserable. It depends on what one is aspiring to be and do. In life, as dream, some are just dreams, some are dreams and worked upon, fruitful dreams. We call that a dream that became true and those dont materialize we call them just "day dreams". Life and or a dream are metaphors. Smart people untangle them and analyze them well. Their path in life are well defined and understood by many. They can be be our hero, legends, iconic, and role models. They were given same talents as us. They just got theirs right analyzing the metaphors.

As kids, we all had dreams, whether fancy or average. As we grew up, we all worked on our dreams. Right? We went through a process of selecting what dreams we wish to become true and which one we categorized them as just "day dreams" and mean nothing to us. Junks. This selection process is what i call puberty to young adult becoming an adult. We are all unique one another and certainly we all never have the same dream at the same time. While i agree that some dreams were just day dreams, certainly they could be worth to someone else, and vice-versa.

I remember our parents and older relatives telling us to dream big and hold faith in God that life will be okay. Off course the reinforcement that believe in God and do things God way was vivid. We were told that working hard on the dreams will bring fruitful results. I can now clearly see what my parents meant when they said to me to dream big, work on the dreams and believe in God that dreams will come true, faith.  Because life is a dream and dream is a faith, a hard worked dream with faith will turn out to be okay. Working hard need to be done in a smart way because not all hard working can produce good results. but certainly a hard work done smartly will produce astounding results.

Therefore, i life one has to dream big because dreaming big will bring you big things in life. It has to be done constantly with vision, focus, determination and precision. It has to be the right dream. Be careful of the "Day Dreams". They dont takes any one anywhere. Use your selection process wisely and often listen to others as a matter of establishing a check and balance. Unchecked process always squanders. Remember, sometimes time and space matters on some dreams, but not to all dreams though. God bless you

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