Monday, July 2, 2012

R.I.P. Mother Delores M. Henry

R.I.P. Mother Delores M. Henry today is your 3rd year anniversary since you passed. We will always cherish the moments we were blessed to spend with you and got to know you very well. 

Personally, you were like a mother to me, and I always try to be like a son to you because you were a mother figure to me. You welcomed me in your home without any doubts in your mind. I will always cherish your kindness. 

You were talented abilities to spontaneously and frankly know about peoples and their whereabouts. I can dare to say that I see the same like abilities to your daughter and grand kids (my wife and kids). It is amazing.

We are sad that you passed fairly quickly and suddenly. It is hard for us, who are made of flesh, to contemplate and understand why. But it is liberating in our spirit to know that we are traveling through the world and that the world is the old-rugged place as you used to say. 

Emotions are high, especially when Malaika points at your pictures and ask “where is my grandma?” It is painful to try change the subject or answer that “she is in the sky”.  But that is the fact and we comprehend that very well every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and a year we go without you.

Many out here never took time to understand that you were gifted in some very unique ways. To some, they carried the usual human tendency that always liked to stereotype others with swift brush that often stigmatize, especially when they did not get their ways through your talented knowledge. I saw that as a lost opportunity to such peoples.

But with faith that we hold dearly, we believe that you are in the better place than under the sun, here on earth. All we can say to you is Rest In Peace Mother.  No more pain for you, God has chosen you to go home.

We believe that we are all heading the same way and it is just a matter of time before we make it. May almighty God Rest Your Soul In Eternal Peace. Amen  

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