Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day To all Fathers: The Enlightenment Of Fatherhood:

Today, the world is celebrating Fathers’ day. Fatherhood is the sacred gift given from God with great responsibility to nurture and raise kids to become responsible members of the community and the society. Fatherhood is the quintessential role that has huge stake on how society ought to be. Collectively, fatherhood, likewise motherhood, through parenting we make up the families, communities and the society in generations. Therefore, fatherhood as the role model in parenting should be celebrated every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year that we raise and empower children. This role is not only to be assumed today by the materialistic gifts and moments as we commemorate the “Fathers’ Day”, rather to be cherished in each second when we make multiple tough and decisions on parenting. We need to grasp the reality that each and every decision we make as parents, small and big, do have negative or positive outcome to our children today or tomorrow. This is the fact that too often get ignored in the decision making process of parenting and many will wander why thing and or life to our teenagers and children are playing out contrary to the parents’ wishes.

The truth is the factors that contribute to our teenagers and young adults today were in the making as they were growing up as toddlers, youths, teenagers, young adults and capitalized when they get to full adults. I have no doubts in my mind that there is no single parent out there wanted their children to grow up and become irresponsible adult, at least in good consciousness. But the upbringing life style and the parenting role, contrary to this good consciousness, have shaped them to be that way. This is due to the notion of many thinking that, “kids will be kids and will learn as they grow up”. How will they learn if the adults in their lives are not showing them the way, correct their misconducts as they occur and most of all don’t practice what they preach?

Too often, I seen adults telling kids that don’t do that and this, while when they turn around they do exactly what they tell their kids not to do. That is confusing to kids, vivid example is us, adults/father/mothers/parents, and we observed these things when we were kids. This is just a simple reminder that, “kids are the greatest observers”, and parent ought to think otherwise or think that children don’t know or understand. As we raise our children we need to listen to them, treat them well with dignity and they surely know and understand. What we need to know is that children are you inexperienced and can make mistake and repeat them over and over again. Our job is to grant them safety, benefit of doubt, guide them through matured experience and let them grow. There is no such a thing as perfect parenting neither perfect child, at least in the real world, unlike the ideal TV and Hollywood world. Another segment that I really find it strange is the current generation growing learning by glue themselves to the TV, Video Game and Social Networking Webs bubbles. If your child is one of them, don’t be surprised when such a child to become a, “couch potato’’. They will act on what is in the display of the TV, Video Games and or Hollywood productions. Because in real sense, you let these things raise your child for you and what you will see in display will be the results of shoo-outs (video games), high degree of misbehaving (TV shows), promiscuity (social networking), and irresponsible with sense of entitlement for everything (Hollywood production and idle like iconic). 

To be a parent is not to be naïve or piloting and parachuting children rushing them through the early stages of their lives. Take time to be a Dad and parent, children remember very small thing that you stood up and take a charge as parent and these are every day decisions. Take a time and remember the things you valued and wished your father could have done for you, then do them for your children responsibly. Talk to them, ask them questions and most of all listen to what they have say and make sure they know for sure that you are and will always be there for them. That is the Fatherhood Life!!! Happy Father’s Day Dad.

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