Monday, June 11, 2012

Societal Social Cunudrum

The photo above/attached has Will Smith's comments that read like as follows "too many people spend money they have not earned, to buy things they don't want,  to impress people they dont like". This is the raw truth and a very viable advice to majority of us who always like to complain and dont take time to understand why we are in the situation that we are into from the first place then search for solution. In stead we rush to dig out solutions of the problems that we think we know but we dont, before you know it we are in a more deep messy than we should have been. That is because we human tend to look for solutions that sounds good and are conducive to us regardless of the reality and facts, that tend to sometimes mislead us deep into the bigger problems. In stead we need to study problems that we are facing, search workable solutions as per problems and implement solutions regardless are good or bad to us because these solutions are the prescriptions for the problems that we are facing. Now when you handle problems this was you will simple manage any problem under the sun, but if you sugar code the problem and do as you want or like regardless, then problem will magnify and multiply into a bigger problem as times go.

As per the picture above, hat's why i say poverty is from poor minded in and itself; likewise, richness comes from rich minds. When you say I'm so and so or such and such, then you tune your mind that way and then you live life and become that way. Remember, When God appear to Moses and order him to deliver Israels/Jews from Pharaoh/Farao  Egypt He asked God what he should tell Jews if they asked what was the name of God who ordered Moses, and God said to Moses, "Tell them that I'm who I'm". So be careful when you said I'm because you are referring to God. Remember we are made of face and resemblance of God. I'm such as such or so and so then you are being as such or so as you proclaim to be. Very crucial. 

Do you know something, i observe this generation, 40 years and under, as the "entitlement generation" because they think that everything should be easy and handled over to them regardless, in short never snaps from depending from the older generation; and the 20 years and under generation as "the digital generation"  because they they depend the digital devices should handle life and they can only be at the receiving end of it; whereby the 40 years and above are the "pilot parents and their parents are the sandwiched generation" that always feels that somehow they are responsible to their children's welfare regardless if they are grown with their families or not, and at the same time they feel obligated to take care of their parents because it is the good deed to them as they some how prepared their path to prosperity.  This is what i see as social dilemma that middle aged and close to retirement generation faces; hanging in between their parents and children get squeezed in like sandwich, literary. Unless they let it go of others' responsibilities and tendency of feeling guilt from other actions, we will continue to have this entitlement mind set like individuals who will always think that somehow some else other than them is responsible for their life as whole (failures, gains, and general well being). While it is not true because in the real world and actual development every one is responsible for himself/herself and then the community becomes stronger and prosperous because everyone is pitch in from the personal level and to the societal level. Be if we have some slacks and few work hard we will continue to face the greater challenges that we are currently facing; and drugging on on them for too long society can miss a chance to overcome them without austerity measure that will be mandatory to overcome and undone the damage control.

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