Tuesday, May 29, 2012

R.I.P. Baba, Valerian B-K. Masao Sr.

Today, May 29th 2012, it has been four full Years without your presence since you passed and departed the world. You are missed a lot. We wish you could be here curdling with Mama, the III and all your grand-kids, children and family as a whole. Your last Will that to "Get Educated, Be Informed and Be Wise" is well respected, appreciated and given the greatest emphasis. This "Great Will", as I call it, is well rooted from many books of the Bile, including the Proverbs. As we are approaching the Father’s Day, we are reliving the memories of you as the Father to us children and to many family members and many in the community that you fathered as Mwalimu and active member of the community/society that you dearly served. 

Your parenting style, which I call it strict, honesty, candid, instructive and responsible in values has instilled our lives and the lives of many with the great hope and prosperity. You were not permissive to serous matters, but yet you were playful, honest, and certainly you never allowed anyone to downplay your motives, principles and values. No question in my mind that “You were very strict” to matters that need firm hand and you were playful when it was time to play. You taught us to become responsible and active members on the community and society. Your voice still rings in my ears on what life is all about. I cried a lot and the reality did not set through that you were gone, until after long, long time, i realized that "I will never see you again". It is painful, but I find a refuge to believe that you were suffering here under the sun and for that matter you needed to rest and you are resting in peace now. No more suffering and no more pain. As your son and father myself, to your grand-kids, I would not want you or anybody for that matter to suffer the way you did.

I love you dearly and I miss your voice on the phone calls I used to make regularly. Talking to you discussing issues as we did, only one of few persons I clearly open-up myself to and you never discouraged, label, brush-off or smeared me as many does-pretending that they know me well, was most memorable and greatest time of my life that I always cherish. You always said to me that “son you can pull it off, no backing down, you made it that far, I have faith in you”. From the environment that I grew up and the kind of stuff I endured, no one could believe whatever I say or do, I needed to hear these words so bad, only God knows; and you did so. You inspired me when you stand for yourself, and for us when needed to, because you were "Doing The Right Thing" regardless of who was thinking or saying what; and that is the legacy that I will not let you down with. It is not always easy "To Do The Right Thing", especially when one wants to always get along live the political correctness, the fantasy that every one should and is liking you. We call this fantasy that "You are over your head" because the real world, living real-ville, it is impossible to impress everybody and it is as well impossible for everyone to please you. That is the raw fact, because we are 100% unique one another as individuals and members of the community.

I believe that on this earth under the sun, we are traveling, passing by just like when we make a journey through places that we will never be able to go back again. I believe that we shall meet again in the Eternal Peace. We are still living your dream. You taught many in the class rooms, communities and surely you taught us something that no one can ever take away. I can write book about you, i can go on and on describing and draw analytical contrasts and profiling you, that is how deep you are timbered inside me. I want my kids to be and feel the same to me as I do feel to you. This is the gift of fatherhood life that you instilled in me and I pray God to allow me to do the same to my children. To stand for what is right, to stand for their rights, and finally to do The Right Thing always. We are your legacy and We miss you dearly. We love you; On behalf of f Mama, Family grandkids R.I.P. Baba.

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