Saturday, July 7, 2012

Obama Is A S.O.G.

All I know is Romney is schizophrenic because he stands for nothing, mandate that he introduced in Massachusetts, now he is running away from it, the Bain capital now he is running away from it too, foreign policy of not stressing on Killing OBL and Al-Qaida now he is running away from it, and the Afgan Surge that too he is running away from it.

 Who is Mitt Romney? Please tell me. I'm confused. I know Obama stood for what he said he will do, wrong or right. No surprises, at least. We know he did it with or without GOP support. He did it anyways. 

No more “don’t tell don’t ask” or discriminated based on pre-existing condition, war in Iraq, or fear using Drowns on our enemies, or deporting kids and separate families, or banks fines the most on credit cards. 

He said he will do it in Pakistan and all enemies again if he find out they are hiding terrorists, or he will bail out GM and all American made to prevent outsourcing, or close Guantanamo if they allow him using US court systems. We know he said it and if he gets a chance he will do it. He is bold S.O.G. and GOP can’t stand Dem who is Bold as he is. 

Something in him makes GOP goes nuts. Remember GOP was for mandates and killing OBL? But since Obama took matters on his hands and capitalize on the, they are sick of them and him. 

Remember GOP was for Afgan Surge and killing of OBL? But when Obama took that and succeed they are left wandering who the heck is he? They even don’t know how he operates. That is their unifying power, terrified of Obama, because they want status quo. Change really did come, because thing are truly different, the most Bold Dem in the WH ever seen. 

He is bold S.O.G. Who could navigate through the party of “NO” for everything and manage to do a damn thing? Think about you in your office, everyone opposes your point of view, you will quit in just a matter of seconds. But the S.O.G. is still there and that piss-off the GOP badly. 

Romney want to get it all, but it is not realistic to be cold, warm and hot at the same time. I’m conservative, I don’t want to be lied on that Romney is for either family value, rescue economy or strong on foreign policy, it is illusion, Manchurian candidate, no me. 

I truly don’t Condon everything Obama did, but, dang-it, he is tough and as a leader he deserves time to fix it. That is what GOP told us during Bush and Kerry back in 2004. 

Be real, he inherited a lot of mess, adding his messy, like we, human all do have our own, the messy keep on pilling up. Put politics aside and look in the real life lens. Stop listening to radio telling you Media this and that. What is Media? They are Media too, and they have agenda, open to the public or secrete.

I have nothing against President Bush 43rd, he is the man. I love him, I adore him. He did what some of us conservatives wanted him to do. He is very honest man. He cut taxes; he went after Al-Qaida and Hussein. But conservatives did think these things they wanted ought to get paid for with big price tub, NATIONAL DEBT. 

You can’t blame an innocent man like Bush who was for the party, did everything on the partisan line. Some politicians are blamers, no matter what, they are like blood suckers. Watch them what they say and how careful the phrase their sentences, it is manipulative. Open up your eyes.

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