Friday, April 26, 2013

Biblical Human Psychology Taught By My Fathers

One will wonder why the title says that I numeral or plural Fathers! It is because we all have more than one Father. Everyone has biological Father, Guardian or Step Father, Role Model or Father Figure, Spiritual or God-Father and above all our Father Who Art In Heaven Lord God Jehovah. They all have meaningful landmark in our presence and life as whole. They have taught us something significant in our lives and they have raised and protect us during the time that we were and when we are vulnerable and defenseless, in our childhood, old age, sickness and all the times of need we have been and we will be through, they have been there for us and thus makes them to be titled as “Our Fathers”.

For example, my Biological father taught me a very critical part of life here under the sun ordered by Our Father in Heaven, that when I get invited in any occasion not to go sit at the front line because when the owner invites his/her guests of honors, and I’m not one of the, he/she will remove me from the front line and put me in the back seat and that is a self-imposed shame in front of the gathering because of my greedy and selfishness. The lesson here is applicable to all fronts of life to the entire humanity. The devil manages to trap us into sin and disobedient to Jehovah because of the humanity failure to adhere to this lesson from Jehovah and all his commandments/teachings. That’s why Jehovah calls upon us to go to him like Children because children are plain and don’t use corrupt adults rationalization that is often distorted and tells half-truths. Remember humanity has free-will and God is just, he don’t joke, kidding or lie.  

In the Holly Bible we learned a lot of things that apply to the psychology of the humanity living in both harmony and conflict. These various teaching we find them applicable Before Jesus (BC) time and After Jesus (Ano Domino-AD) time. In our time we find them in the European Civil Wars, Westphalia Agreement, American Revolutionary War, American Civil War, Berlin Conference, World War I leading to the League Of Nations, World War II leading to the United Nations, African Liberation Movement, Civil Right Movements, African Civil War and current Arab Spring. All these conflicts and agreements were successful to bring a grace period of harmony, soon after broke down to another layer of conflict and the ball keep on rolling as the Bible tells us so. It is part of humanity. We were created to forget and recreate, yet learn so little by letting our emotions override our minds and hearts, thus a good recipe for disaster ahead. This is so true for even none believers of the Holy Bible.

The Holy Bible tells us that human nature is full of anger and vengeance, that humanity itself cannot save the humanity to the eternity. Rather it needs a gentle hand from the almighty Lord God Jehovah. Since Adam, Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist, Lord Jesus and his return after resurrection by bringing is the Holly Spirit, Jehovah has proven the point that humanity in and itself is weak and gives in to worldly temptation by the traps set by devil here under the sun. That is how humanity is confused about its being and the very existence of Jehovah’s love toward humanity. He is just and he has given the humanity the free-will. Free-will is what can break or make our way to the eternity and humanity pretend not know it until is over. No one is as fair as Jehovah, but he is sure jealous as humanity itself. Read the story of Job then you will grasp this at its core.

Humanity gets into all problems that it has endured and the one are breading because of its own nature and cause of actions. The book of Revelation is telling us what humanity will do at the end of the time because it is the prophesy of his returning to save his people and condemn the devil and his followers.

If we are travelers on this earth, why don’t we build tents like the way we go camping while maintaining the way to go to our permanent home? The truth is, devil has distorted this truth and make us all build permanent homes here on the earth as if this world is our paradise. God will do his justice on this, and it is not going to be pretty. Remember the opening of this article? We have Fathers. They all have meaning to us. We were given the lesson of not super-impose ourselves into occasions because the chosen one don’t come from high-end, rather the lower end. Look at the story of Jesus, John the Baptist, Moses, Jacob, Joseph and many more. They all came from bottom-up. Thus greedy, showing-off, super-imposing and elevating ourselves is serving the devil and not God. So many of what to be judged by what we have, who do we know, where we are coming from, what society do we belong, what family we belong, who do we associate with and all roots of sins as explained in the Holly Bible. The truth is, these are not Godly and the God we pray in secretes is the God we believe in and it better be Jehovah because Churches and just saying oh! God, god, means nothing because Jehovah is the only true Our God In Heaven. Amen.  

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