Sunday, April 3, 2011

It is not too late to start fatherhood life

It's time we all pitch in raising the children for the betterment of the future generation, our community and society at large. Too many dead-bit dads and drive-by dads in the streets while single moms raising their children without men. Now what kind of men will this turmoil produce? Men act and do things like boys or men who sit aside and let women run the show? Because welfare is taking the role of the absent fathers financially; video-games is replacing the moral and emotional charge; while TVs are taking the role model and role models. My grandma use to say, "If your parents won’t teach you, the world will teach you for sue", and that is exactly what is happening today. Fellas, it is not too late, but as father, be there, play with them, talk to them, assure them that everything will be alright, and be the one they can run to because they have to run to someone and somewhere.  It better be you than the devils hanging in the streets that can consume your child/children and may be come and eat you alive. It is time to cut it loose and not be subject to the statistics, let us open a new chapter.  

I tell you, dead-bit dads and drive-by dads work hard to run away from their responsibilities than those who work full-time job to provide and be there for their children/child. Are you kidding me, some choose to go to jail and serve time, then repeat again the same BS and go back to jail again. You will wander if they ever learn from their mistakes, but it looks like someone has to cut the cycle. Make no mistakes, moms can be annoying, but for the sake of the child/children fatherhood life is also very crucial. Actually, in my own personal opinion, Baby-Mama and Baby-Dad terms, are very negative and justifies most of the negativity trails on children raised by single parents.  

Get yourselves together and be there, it is the choice you made and you own it. The child/children did not make this choice, rather their parents. Think of how unfair it is for the child. Moms are also 100% responsible for their children just as the fathers do. It is a 100% contribution to both Mom and Dad, and not 50%. You can not be a partial parent. Partial parenthood is crookedness and  unjust mainly to the child/children.

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