Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lifestyle in the upbringing matters:

I always wander, why we human behave and act the way we do, and in so many different ways? This question put the family in the scrutiny radar and number one drive of shaping one’s life. In this perspective, the kind of family one experience in the upbringing does play the biggest role of all in what kind of person he or she will be. That says it all, that family style can create a monster or the very successful human being. Family styles pours the kinds of spirits that dives our lives every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, decade and century. These values are gradually on-set from child hood to maturity during young adult and adulthood. The values we receive from our families from birth to adulthood are the fuel that drives our ambitions that finally determine who we are as person and mainly as active members of community and society at large. This is to say that we are to be very carefully for what kind of family style we want our children to grow about and we ought to remember that this process is gradual and managed.

One can wander if there is truth in human performance and achieving life long goals depends on culture; because culture shapes and influence family styles in so many ways. If so, some cultures are arguably viewed as detrimental attribute to failure and others view vice-versa. If so then some cultures must reform and lien toward success by abandon the old traditions that are not realist in this era of modern technology advancement and global village.
Communal, societal and family life style, driven by culture and social issues, can be found in each and every one, yet very diversified. However, I always wander why so diversified segments of minority become outliers? Is it because of the cultures of these groups of people? Is it resentment from none minority? So far no clear cut answer, but we all can agree that in America there are so many opportunities for those who work hard, smart and talented. The question here is how to get to these values? And that is where we find upbringing family lifestyle based on culture and society.

Question: does wild parties and do things because grandparents before us did so, and not because it is a good thing to do, hurting some segments of the population? Does calculated and high expectations with arranged path of future as way of upbringing makes another segments of the population better off? Does great ambitions on education and consistent transformation as serious way of living gives some segments of population an upper hand? Does sense of ownership and seriousness of life and its matters, not dealing with only things that makes one to having fun, gives one segment of population a dedicated role in the community? These, and many more like these, are facts of ways we all together chose to raise our children; and these upbringings provide different outcomes and behind them there is sense of culture driven attributes.

For example, as an African, some cultural aspects and traditions that we follow, depicts the problems that Africa endures. One could argue that African problems are due to lack of development. But from the inside view, my understanding of, at least East African Community Countries, is that lack of development is attributed by dooms’ era culture that don’t fit in the today’s world. This is very true that African still are in the darkness of Voodoo Economic principles. In return, corruption rules and everybody get squired; no opportunities for all rather struggle for the fitest and  haves take all while have-not are left out empty.  

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