Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Individuality, integrity and execeptionalism as peoples

Please read this article and feel it with me. How sad man-kind can get? This magnitude of idiocy is sad and beyond recognition of may. What is problem with us Africans? Our life is miserable enough, adding this kind of mentality is like putting a gasoline on the burning read thing:

As a independent, libertarian, progressive, conservative and moderate father i would like for my children to get a qualitative information and not quantitative information that will destroy their lives. I cant claim to be one of the above rather an independent person, then mixed with all the above values without any extreme. They always say too much of anything is harmful, and I think boxing oneself into the above categories it is too extreme and harmful.

That means, a none scientific proven and none progressive information other than a basis of some spiritual belief of certain people who never prove enough advancement of the fields that portrays their claims, is a scam and mischief in nature. I don't dwell on desperate and lay one's life entirely on someone else. I believe in God, but certainly God given talents such as individual liberties, freedom, unique man kind ingenuity/entrepreneurship, and technologies. I don't believe in traditions or culture that defected from these God given values. Fatherhood life is about knowing the right way to raise children and become communal and societal examples at large; because children are the tomorrow's nationals/citizens nation builder. I would love to put my finger prints on the nation building today and certainly on for the generations to come. The only way I can be for sure that my ambitions and national building goals are achieved is to start now by building a positive communal and societal ideas and surely to pour that spirit and knowledge to the Young one, your children, so that they can carry out the legacy of nation building. 

We are all individuals and we are all unique one another in so many way, but collectively, through our individualism we can conquer and overcome the obstacles ahead us. In America, the founding Fathers laid out a balance foundation that protect union, but furthermore , protects the individual liberties that makes us unique human with unique talents. That is what we call American exceptional-ism on the face of the earth. This is a spirit that deserves to be passed to our children and generations to come. We can waste or take that for granted because it is a unique opportunity and we ought to pass it to our children and the rest of the world, democracy, where it is needed most.

This Article in the link bellow, saddens me but yet makes me optimistic that "we shall overcome"

Thank you to all the readers and God bless you.

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