Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Magic of Children Growth

The magic of children growth is one big aspects of connection and bonding of parents, both mother and father, to the child’s life long. It is amazing the way a child grows. It is like miracle. Their body learns to maneuver things and their mind adjusts day by day. That is the beauty of fatherhood or fatherhood. I can see very tangible changes of my children day by day. It is there. I remember seen my son trying to maneuver his hands for the first time/day he was able to reach a bottle of milk from my hand and able to hold it by himself. It was like miracles. He was like 3moths if I’m not mistake. I could see the trials he made to reach and maneuver the bottler.  The best part is when he tries to form words and short sentences. It was cute because I use to correct my daughter only once and next thing she is saying the word correctly. Children, from birth to teenage, their brains are like magnet.
Margaret Semrud-Clikeman, PhD, Michigan State University on the Development of the brain from 25 days to 9 months: (

I believe that from conception to birth children can hear or experience and learn to adjust with environment. Then after birth their millstone life learning experience starts. From birth to teenage is mile Stone Age because their magnetic brain takes in all that is surrounding them and no experience is in use at this time. Therefore, children’s magnetic brain takes in anything in their environment at this vast age group; as a concerned parent it is imperative to make sure that whatever gets in their brain is worthwhile and can be used to their own benefit as rewarding experience. To know and learn this process of how information can be posted in the children brain by using conducive environment so that information can be use for the betterment of the child’s future is a game changer in our society.
 A picture of how the human brain continues to change between the ages of four and twenty-one years (

This will mean to filter what children can and cannot do, participate, hear, or form some sort of association. This could be a big diving point between the so called “Tiger Moms” and “Soccer/Hockey Moms”. But my biggest concern is where the fathers are? Where is the society? Where are the friends and family members? Children are not raised by moms only. It might be true that moms spend more time with children than fathers, friends, family members and general community/society. But to be frank, mothers don’t raise the children by themselves rather all of us as community and society. This is to say that filtering the information that is consumed by children will require a bold shift of the community and society at large. This is something that I don’t see that happening soon and that sudden me a lot.

Complixcity of human brain from birth to adulthood. PhysicalDevelopment of a Baby’s Brain (

However, we can take small stages that can attribute this change step by step, in stead of drastic measure to address this moral issue and paying back investment of our future generations. This is to do what is within our very means and capabilities. Let the fathers be more involved in their children’s life and assisting mothers to filter the vast massive information that is out their so that the consumed information can help and assist to build the future of the child and not to destroy. We have seen how the social networks can do to our children if there is no filtration and controlling on what information gets into our vulnerable children. Our children are increasingly becoming victims of things like cyber-bulling, child rapists, pedophile, sex offender, and many more abuses against the welfare of a child. Together we can avoid these atrocities to children because we have the mandates to take care of our children and maintain their welfare, we cannot fail them.

 My hypothesis of this is if fathers takes their fatherhood life roles in this subject, slowly, then we will have mothers and fathers on board, then we can see an automatic shift to welcome aboard the relatives and friends, the we will finally magnified the influence to the community and the entire society. In this instance, change can and will be starting from the within and influence the very people that we care and associate with on the daily basis. The within change I’m talking about is fathers and mothers, the external or influential change is the relatives, friends, community and the society. The within change
is like a bridge to the influential or external change because friends, relatives, community and society is comprised of the mothers and fathers, who are the within change block. Now we can see that this is somehow cumbersome and enter-twin cycle that never ends.

In this instance, we all can see that child growth is mainly the responsibility of the mother and or father, but also is largely the responsibility the community and society. Therefore, if a mother and or father fail a child, we, the community and society member failed the child too. Likewise, if the mother and or father succeed a child, we, the community and society did as well. This is to say that the so called dead-bit-dads and drive-by-dads are the products of our community and society. To be precise are mainly the results of the dead-bit-dads/drive-by-dads and since the community and society have not done or readjust on this is becoming the merely community and society problem. It is time we start to adjust and change this because we will rip the seed we sow and we are sowing bad seeds by not raising our children appropriately. Why? as I said above, mother cannot raise a childe or children by herself, rather with her husband; and parents (wife and husband or father and mother) are part of the community. For my fellow Christian, this is a biblical duty of both mother and father, and it is community/society’s responsibility as well.

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This is great. Mothers need help to raise the children. Otherwise we will have some messed up generation in the future.