Friday, March 11, 2011

R.I.P. Novati L. Shangarai Masao

Today, at this time, I would like to join my family/relatives, friends and neighbors mourning the sudden passing of my beloved cousin and brother in Jesus, Novati L. Shangarai Masao. Your passing has shocked all of us and has made us grow in the understanding of fate, faith and destiny; they are very cumbersome for human mind to untangle unless by faith, but we will have to face them as we are all on the same direction. The message that "Life is a giant high way on which we are travelers passing through the earth" is so vivid as of this moment.

My self, as caring father, I cannot even imagine what is going through my Uncle Ludovic Shangarai Masao right now. Let alone, as a parent, I cannot predict how this sudden passing of a young man Novati, is taking toll on my Aunt Agnes L Shangarai Masao (Mbuya) as mother of the deceased. Only the parent, the mother or father, of the deceased can tell. But, of course we all pitch in to assist and comfort the immediate family while going through these tough times. In this regard, I would like to extend a gentle hand and comfort to the family with passion, and my condolences, whatever that is needed and the most of all in my thoughts and prayers to make his passing a life-long legacy.

Novati, is the cousin that i spent almost my childhood life playing and growing with. He was only four years younger than me. We grew and played together. We had a specific code among few relatives that we grew up in the same age group; "Masao Tondo" or "Masao T." Only us knows what that means and what does it represent. As we lost one of our own in the name of the "Masao T." code phrase, I would like to represent the "Masao T."'s code group to say goodbye and farewell to our beloved brother, one of our own and the true "Masao T." We will truly miss you my brother. We cherish every childhood memory that we encountered. We will miss your love, smiles and kindness. You showed us that we don't have to confront the adversaries, rather persuade them; you lived your life acquiring knowledge on how to make the world a better place to live; and you in deed lived a very peaceful life. This is your legacy my brother. I never stop loving you, for you were an intellectual and caring person. When we got mad you made us smile with you, at the end we ended up smiling and forget what made us mad. This is what you wanted us to remember all along, and I promise you that we shalt keep your memory alive.

Lastly, for us left behind we ought to remember that life is too short, and we ought to enjoy and cherish every moment because destiny and fate are just around the corner. I believe that the most High has place Novati's soul in the better place and that is eternal peace. Novati Ludovic Shangarai Masao, we will be missing you bro. As true "Masao T."'s we will definitely keep the solidarity and love that you have shown to the "Masao T." family. My condolence to Mama Novati, Baba Novati, John a.k.a. Dogoo!! and Humphrey. Although, we are far apart, we are closer in thoughts. We deeply share the great loss of our beloved brother and Cousin Novati Ludovic Shangarai Masao. May Almighty God Rest his soul in  the eternal peace. R.I.P. NOVATI.

By Pendo Masao, Hope Masao, Valerian B-K. III, Malaika Masao and "Masao T." Family


Anonymous said...

i worked with novati for more than 5 years in the same deparment, he exchanged great ideas and views. He was great person with ambitions and which he had targeted to fully achieve.. we spent good times with him, he was always there at the rescue. I pray to God, may soul rest in peace. Amen.. He will always be a role model to our lives, and will be truely missed..

Anonymous said...

RIP my beloved friend novati u will always be in our hearts..

Fatherhood Blogger said...

It is indeed the greatest lost for all of us. While we are mourning the los of Novati, let us celebrate his legacy and his greatest heart caring for the very things that he stood for. i.e. intellectuality, respect of others, taking matters with joys and smile regardless how they came around, hard working, love of all peoples, integrity, dignified, empowered with good and positive ideas and so many. I can never be able to explain all he stood for but for the few that I could, he was a transformational figure and his legacy is truly in our heat always.

Anonymous said...

My condolence to the family
The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit Psalm 34:18

Fatherhood Blogger said...

Amina, Amina, sote twapita safarini hapa Duniani.

Fatherhood Blogger said...

Reality has not sink through yet, it is sad and hard to believe that you are truly gone my brother. Kweli wahenga walisema "Chema hakidumu". You were so nice, charming, friendly, caring and conciliatory. Whenever i remember the code "Masao T" i always shade tears and sometimes I get very angry. I dont know what say and goodbye is not term at this time, but I know that there is life after death and we shall meet again. Rest In Peace "Masao T" I wanted to see your wedding so bad, as we talked over the internet often. But God had master plan. Thanks be to him always. God bless Mama and Baba Nova and siblings. I cannot pretend to know how hard it is for you all, but i can understand that it is indeed hard and a tough pill to swallow, but with faith in God all can be done as one of mirracles. God bless you all and once more, R.I.P Novat-"Masao T".