Sunday, March 20, 2011

When is Africa and African gonna get up from the dark-life!!!!!!!!

Africa, The Mother-Land All Humanity

I do always wander when is Africa and African going to get up from the dark-life? When are we going stop electing leaders who don't fit and represent our values and aspirations? When are we going to fear no dark powers because they are all illusion and cant harm human who do not believe and practice them, except for believer only? When does the so called educated in Africa going to get educated and act like educated fellows? When  is Africa going to get true leaders who can lead the continent's countries from the dark side to the light side? When is Africa going to improve its life conditions that meets basic human needs by use proven scientific measures and not use its old phased out dark magical powers? When is Africa going to truly believe that God does exist and will always exist and not their stupid magical, witchcraft, traditions and darkness beliefs and traditions that literally ruins life of so many? When that day will come and see my African brothers and sisters rise up and denounce the darken and wicked traditions and beliefs?

We have scientific proof of what attributes to so many diseases that the world is encountering, also we have scientific ways invented by scientist that prevent and cure these diseases. For example, chronic African diseases are such as Malaria, Malnutrition, Diarrhea, Cholera, TB, HIV/AIDS, Juvenile Diabetic, and so on. These are cure able and/or managed disease by following conditions and appropriate care that is given by scientific professional Doctors and or health care providers. I repeat, no one witch doctor or traditional roots is documented to be proven to prevent or cure these diseases. That's why you see these chronic diseases kills Africans in hundreds of thousands more than counterpart Developed world. There are multiple deadly food allergies that are not even known to Africans, perhaps kills many because are not known or detected because we don't take them into account and no tools to their diagnostic. For example, peanut/nuts, honey/bees and fish/seafood allergies are deadly. Also medication allergies, medications that provides adverse reactions, very little is know to the millions of Africans. In Africa millions take medication that little is know what could these meds do to their body, instead of curing them it end-up killing them. We need more education on Human Body, Human Biology and less traditional and witchcraft methodology because until then we can stop what Anderson Coop from CNN on Haiti after earth-quake, called "STUPID DEATH". Stupid death is a death that should never had to cure based on the facts and technologies that are available today and can prevent such a death or human loss. The Term "STUPID DEATH" was first used in Black/Africans. This word has collective meaning and driven articulation of general mentality and ways of living Blacks/Africans live and everything that surrounds and comprise them. I want to remind my fellow Africans, no one ca take what is genetically embedded in your cells, because to do so is to kill the cell and that means to kill you. Therefore, if one has genetically inherited disease such as Diabetics, Breast Cancer, Epilepsy, Mental Retardation, Schizophrenia, Asthma, Cancer, and so on, one has to follow the care management because often these disease are not curable rather managed. They are managed by using scientific researches that provide very specific ways to manage these particular diseases. Until then, African will continue to suffer great human loss if we don't adhere to the information available on the well known diseases to the Western World and use such information for the betterment of African people.

On the matter of faith, as Christian, God said that no one shall enter his kingdom without his beloved son, Jesus Christ. Was that not enough to figure out everything that man kind behavior toward God has to be in God first? Ok, he also said there will come many false prophets in the name of Jesus but be weary because they are not speak of Jesus. Is that not also the read flag to what we African do on the daily basis? I, personally refused to believe in anyone who present him/herself as God. I only pray in God's Holiness to reign-in and show us the way because we human are weak and can be manipulated by devil; and I refused to be manipulated by devil through fellow human in such a vivid ways. Remember the 3 apostles could not resist the power of their weakness/Devil's influence to them, and slept when Jesus went for 3 hours prayer at Gethsemane hills/mountain? Remember Simon Petro rejected/denounced Jesus 3 time before he was Jesus was crucified? These are all our weakness through flesh and manifestation of Devil's influence under the sun; and therefore we ought to seek Holly spirit powers to guide us through because since Pentecostal we are not to just trust and believe in one man without the trinity and that is God father, Holly spirit and God son. Are you in these terms? Then why believe and or put your faith entirely on one man? That man or woman has powers just as you do. A faith little like a single grain of sand can move a mountain. Then go get your faith in Jesus, and no one else, and you will do wanders. Believe and you will see that happens. Your faith in him is the life time reserve for your generations because it is the seed that will take out all fault belief that exist in the majority, and in this case, Africa is holding the line in mixing belief in God, trinity with the worldly beliefs/traditions. We are told to only believe in God, trinity, first commandment.

Have been said all that, when did God said that the LoliondoLoliondo Man is not one of them rather he is SUPERSTITIOUS. Remember that God is also in the work of science too; and in everything that is done under the sun and has Godly meaning in it. We have to ask these questions. Or we African just move like animals and not use our talents to question, seek answer, truth, honesty, and or holiness reveling our soul searching? I believe we should do soul-searching and we have potentials; we can no more afford to just don’t want use our mankind Ive talents and be like animals. We can not afford to find ourselves in “the Lost soon who went to spend his inheritance with prostitute” “the person stored the talents and give them back afraid to own his master’ as Bible stories tell us.  I don’t see in the holy verse that we should keep silence. Therefore, that is not the matter of Christians to even think of not changing with the world and its potentials such as new technologies. It is like telling me that I should believe in EXORCISM of Catholic Church and not drink Malaria Medicine or seek medical treatment of a disease. That will be asking me to commit suicide. Really? Then what about the truth? The love to others? The holy Bible? What about the footnote of Jesus? Believe in him and only him in the trinity and your life will be spared; also take care of yourself because your body is Jesus Temple. Then take all necessary measures including taking medicine when you are sick and not some belief that is proven to take away your life.

A faith without action is a dead faith, so as words without action is like nothing. This is my opinion in the understanding of God’s word, the holy bible and first hand experience of African/Black people's culture. I’m student of Jesus/God and bible is my syllabus. I follow and listen no any other man speaking and or doing of nothing that God tells me to do as I ask God for all the things I do and his guidance and plans are ultimatum because he is master plane of all my plans and my life. At least that is my faith and foundation of me myself me. Remember the book of proverbs and psalms 23rd and the entire book? I should not be weary of anything and my enemies because God has bigger plan plans for me and has prepared my path. As we can differ in this matter due to our differences in faith, many will try to demonize the opponent by smear all kinds of offensive and direct accusation. But remember that the path to trust in God is not always easy because devil has roots under the sun, and devils are among us (every where), our friends, our family members, our leaders, our neighbors, our associated, our core-workers and all sorts of people. But we ought to love one another and be able to speak the truth because that is the command of God. In the democratic wold we call it "freedom of speech found in the bills of  human rights. So afraid not to speak of truth and the true word of God when you have to. I cannot afford to denounce my God in front of anyone because he will condemn me to death and forsake me if I don’t get a chance to repent. We human are sinful and we have to repent our sins in order to follow God and God sent Jesus and Holy Ghost for just that. Amen.   
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