Thursday, October 20, 2011

Muammar Qaddafi is dead; because like many dictators, he did not understand the first principle that God gave us human through our first parents, Adam and Eva

Many said that he ruled by sword and today he certainly died by the sword. He was killed by his own people that he pretended that he stood for while he brought them tyranny for full four decades plus. Free mind is the best holly gift and incentive God ever gave to man kind. Gaddafi and many dictators failed to understand that freedom is the God’s given gift to every one regardless of who and what we are. You can fool some peoples for sometimes but no one can fool all peoples all the times. Therefore, true and God talented leaders understands that they have to assure that their peoples' true freedom is not touched and or taken away because God will revenge on such leader(s). This is why you saw that many African leaders , majority of them leading like dictators to their peoples, undemocratically did not understand and or appreciate the freedom of peoples of Libya; because they also don’t understand and or appreciate their own fellow citizen’s freedoms and the divine based on God’s instructions. But however, you saw democratic countries understood and supported peoples of Libya yawning and thirst of freedom they never have and Gaddafi was in their way to it; Gaddafi had to go for them to enjoy their freedom.  Remember king Herod was on the way of Jesus coming? But because Jesus had an alternative to move out and a come-back, God spared Herod, but when Herod became more arrogant to his state-men God punished Herod because no one can take  away what is given by God ungodly.


This could be the lesson to many leaders that North Africa/Arab Spring is the true genuine thirst for true God given freedom to all peoples. Just like the way God helped Moses to exit Egypt, by punishing Egyptians' army, he will guide the true believers out of any tyranny and captivity from their dictators. It is just a matter of time because history has proven that all Dictators end up the same way and their peoples vindicated. For example, Mobutu Sese seko, Jonas Savimbi, Musolini, Charles Taylor, Samuel Doe, Adolf Hitler, Sadam Hussein, Mubarack, Slobodan Milosevic, Farah Aidid, now Muammar Quaddafi and many more dictators out there ended the same way. The question is why? Because dictators violated the very first principle and law that God gave to our fist parents, Adam and Eva, free-will; means freedom to guide their lives as they feel fit but pleasing the almighty God in the process. In this journey they were also cursed to endure suffering and pain, but also blessed to bare children and multiply by living joyful life while pleasing God their master.

Furthermore, understanding this first principle will open many more doors of opportunity as leader and human being, in particular, because first blessing brings about second blessing, like wise first curse brings about the second curse; it is spontaneous mentality in human mind and miraculously it works its ways toward communities and societies. That is what makes America an exceptional nation on the earth because the founding further understood this very first Godly given divine principle to human, freedom/pursue of happiness/individual liberty (they are all the same in some ways). Leadership should be to all peoples and for all peoples and not for family and friends by choosing winners and looser because that is very specific God’s job. Leaders should lead their peoples and not to assume God position to their peoples; and unfortunately that is how Dictators operate leading their peoples by acting like their God and not like their fellow human with the same rights and freedom under God. Shamefully they will all face the same judgment. Some can get always with it here on the earth but it does not mean that all can get away with it in the judgment day; and history has proven this to be the standing fact.

Likewise, as parents and fathers, the environment to our children should be to guide them in a way that grants them their freedom as deserving man kind. This will empower the future generation to enjoy and aspire the Godly divine gift of freedom and ultimately pleasing him as true almighty God.

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