Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another Twist On Steve Jobs, Unexpected Findings About His Father; What Is It In Regards To Fatherhood And Up-Bringing Of A Child In Our Community Today?

What a sad twist about Steve Jobs searching for his biological father? I would not want to be his biological father, never, even in a million years. We are talking about Apple Brainer here. Okay, we are discovering that his father was successful business man who was running a very popular and successful restaurant at Silicon Valley, CA. We all know what Silicon Valley, CA mean, the capital of the world’s electronics software inventions that transformed our ways of living into literally the digital generation. What is worse is that his father knew him, saw him come into his restaurant couple of times but never attempted to reach out, and when Jobs discovered that his father was that successful business man that he had been in his popular restaurant infuriated him. I wander what was taking place in the Apple genius’ mind? May he questioned himself without an answer that why his parents gave him up for adoption? He must have had million unanswered questions.

I’m using Steve Jobs’ life, successes and twisted hardship to put an emphasis on what an informed, loving and caring father should do and give his child an opportunity to be who he want to be in future with good and appropriate guidance from the most important person in the child’s life, parents, in this case fatherhood role. He was a successful man and we out to explore his success and unfolding of his life to learn something that can help us solving todays and future problems.

This is the scenario that a caring and loving father would not want to put his loving child for whatever circumstances may be. But I guarantee you there some cultural and up bringing issues on Jobs parents that lead to whatever decisions they made. Culture and upbringing plays big role on human being decision making process and predicts outcome. Culture is complex whole that attribute a human being life style and influence decisions that human being makes on the daily basis. Important cultural attributes are such as language, common land/property, environment, language, faith, belief, religion, national/local/regional/community boundaries, traits, gesture and so on. These are the very things that makes us, human, who we are and comprise our unique capabilities that allows us to strive or squander. Guess what? We learn and we obtain our cultures first, from our parents, siblings, close relatives, friends, clergy persons, schools, leaders, communities, states/nations and finally society at large. No body was born as he or she is today, grown up. We went through the life tunnel like product that get produces, some get defected, some get well. The only difference is we human have Free-Will and we use it make choices we make and end-up where we are. You can’t blame any one for your own ways of life, in stead you cant help it wandering the mistakes and tress-passes that some human being should have learned from life itself and not undergoing the harsh and hardship of life at the same time blame others for it.  

Caring, mannered, spiritually alive, mentally sound and physically fit human being learns his/her environment and how to navigate his or her ways in life from his culture (reefer to the definition and the use of culture from the above). In the process human makes mistakes or see mistakes of others and learn from not repeating such mistakes. However, same, human being can use the God given gift, Free-Will, to do the opposite and offer million excuse including blaming others for his/her own mistakes. Thank God, he put a glitch in such behavior from such human, Guilty Consciousness that will eat such human to the grave. For us believers of the last day as judgment day, the price is too high because you can live the life laying to others and yourself. My grandma use to say that “God don’t like ugly”. This is true because a baby learn from conception, they hear, and know use since in their mother’s womb, and we teach them what they know from conception, regardless of whatever excuses we make up to offer solution and or patching up our lies, the truth is within us berried deep down into our souls and we know we have no excuse for that and we will never have one. Why don’t you come clean, learn from other and release your should. You work so hard to cover the truth and the true you than the way you should work to be truthful and free from all, at last.

My mama said, when I was growing up, “if I don’t teach now and discipline you then, right from your conception, and now and as long as you live in my house and under 18, the world will teach you; you are not going to like it and certainly, I’m not going to like. Because I love so much my son, I want that time when you turn around and try to blame me, I will show you the marks I put on you and you refused to change and it will be right upon you; I’m clean as whistle.” That is African Mama right there; you can cant beat that truth because it will be just a matter of time before the whole world unfolds on your face and there is nothing you can do about, only background scenes of mistakes you should learn from and voices of the peoples worn you to change and or correct yourself, but it is too late.

Click Here to Watch the Link: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/steve-jobs-unusual-meeting-father-135624786.html

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