Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, 2015, Resolution

Happy New Year, 2015 to you all. Let this year of 2015 be prosperous and full of blessings. Let it bring more of the peace of mind that can nourish both our body and souls. Above all, may you all and your loved ones be blessed by God Jehovah as always.

As living and breathing human being, i believe in the New Year resolutions. I also strive to keep these resolutions practical and alive. However, i would like to admit that keeping up with the new year resolutions all year round is the most difficult thing to do. I'm speaking from the experiences I have ever encountered.

I want to share with you some things that are important and I have leaned in this journey of the New Year resolutions. New Year resolutions allow us to make promises. These promises are often been broken time after time and year after year again. Some of us dont even lift a finger to implement our New Year Resolutions after we make them on the New Year Day.

To avoid breaking the New Year Resolutions one has to make them the daily resolution and as adaptable as possible. To do so, will allow one to make the New Year Resoultions more Flexible. For example, if there is any drastic changes and or challenges that will cause someone to break the specific New Year Resolutions, that will be easy to incorporate the solutions dealing with such changes and challenges into the existing New Year Resolutions. That will help making ones New Year Resolutions flexible, regenerative and practical at the same time.

For example my New Year, 2015, Resolutions are that I change the way I look at things, differently, so that to reach a more conclusive solution; to avoid the life of status-squo; to keep on embracing more challenges and changes (diversification); to become the change i want to see; and to gravitate my decisions based on the facts.

One thing i know for sure is that everything does happen for a very good reason indeed. In many cases and to most of us, that reason for things to happen is that we are too naive on the facts or we downplay the facts too much and end up making very bad decisions in life. Therefore, we can mitigate bad things from happening to us by pay attention to the facts, people and our environment. Above all, we have to learn from our acts, our mistakes and mistakes of our peers.

Overall, to reach implementation of the New Year Resolutions and enjoy the fruits, one must be disciplined to incorporate, adapt and carry out the resolutions. To be successful in life, one has to be disciplined. The ability to ignore negativity and keep up with positivity requires very high level of discipline. Discipline can be both learned and trained. Discipline is very high level of temperament, manners and traits. It is a comprehensive culture of someone, which is the way someone does things.

These things i talked about in this article are positive energy and can change lives positively. The more you know, Go Figure!

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