Saturday, December 27, 2014

We, Black People, Aren't Monogamous

Liberal/Leftist/Democrat leaders are somehow fine with the rhetoric that only police are bad and racist, some how these incidents and black people are monogamous. Something that is not true.

But, surprisingly, these leaders are depending on the same police to keep them and their loved ones safe 24/7. for example, recently Rev. Al Sharpton plead to the FBI and NYC cops that he has received threats from unknown people. He want the cops to protect him and go find these unknown people. How ironic? He was matching, the so called peaceful match, shouting that "we want cops dead, when? Right now".  Now you got what you asked for Mr. Sharpton. Don't run away from what you asked for.

I wonder in this case as these rhetorical leaders are well protected, who is to keep black people safe as you wage this war against the police??? Ironically, no wonder black on black crime is responsible for over 50% of black people death. Only less than 1% of black people are killed by the police and some incidents are justified, what are the noises and demonstrations for the over 50% deaths resulted from black on black crimes? I thought all lives matter and black people lives matter.  Where is Mr. Sharptons on this front?

I think what black leaders need to do is to start preaching to us that Black people that our young adults should not resist an arrest, dont fight the police, understand that the police are (enforcers) officers of the law, and call 911 when you see or feel or experience something unusual. These are common sense, sensible things to do. But to the majority of us, in the black community, we don't take them serious and or teach ourselves and to our young ones as the important things to do. Learn what Martin Luther Jr. King did, a nonviolent movement, helped to transform and gave teeth to the civil rights that we so dearly enjoy now. They did not do it by macho man powers. Remember that a cop is carrying a gun and can legally use it if you give him/her a reason to. It can change black people's demeanor and mind set on how to behave toward police.

We Black People are not monogamous. Politicians and our leaders are self serving individuals. Their strategy is to win our hearts and minds, even if to slice and dice is the only way to attain their goal, they will not hesitate to do so. Yes "United We Stand", but we need to be united to stand for a good and right cause.

I'm just saying. Go Figure!

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