Friday, May 30, 2014

To See What Is There, Not There And Vise Versa: The Truth

You will know who your true friends and caring family member really are or feels about you. Untill when you're tested and only them can stand firm for you as testimony that defends you. Because, they too well knows the truth and have shared living it with you all along. But, for whatever reasons, they have chosen to stay still and silence, and not to sprak out the truth as they know it.

When such friends and family member cannot come to such simple truth, dont get angry. In stead, understand that this world belongs to the devil. We all have choices to make, good or bad. Just stand firm and pray for them to do the right thing, seeking the whole truth, plainly. Also know that, it is difficult to do the right thing. People get motivated to do what they do by many things and not as plain truth as truth seeker may be thinking.

By the way, we are all individuals and very unique from one another. We can look at one object/thing at the same time and from the same angle, but perceive the very thing we are looking completely differently. It is done that way onto us by the creator by design. It is like a common sine inherited onto us by our ancestors, traced back to Adam and Eve. It is the Free-Will that God gave to us, so that we can become individuals, and not bunch of collective breathing animals who look, think, feel, do and perceive the same.

The truth is everyone want the sence of belonging, be loved, perceived cool e.t.c. when tested, you need to have faith in God and only him can give you true refuge as he knows you too well than anyone else.

As far as I see everyone is out to get you.  I think that the choice is yours as an individual, to whom you are really willing to suffer for. Some choose to suffer for things, feeling, objects e.t.c. I chose God's side and to suffer for him. Loving him as he call us to in all his commandments is self love. I believe in truth.

For example, if you are my relative or friend, and all along I have known you and your family at your home for many years all for my life, then if anyone try to tell me or say otherwise I will stand firm and express the truth as I know it that is indeed my friend/relative's home. Because I know and I witnessed all along that where you live is your home, "THE TRUTH".

Unless there is a valid and proof of my friend/relative's home is or has been legaly transfered to someone else. That too I will speak the truth if im aware of that. Without concrete evidence of such transfering, the truth is still the same that that home is indeed my friend/relative's, because it is the truth as I know it.

Now, some like to speak the truth some like to hide. Sadly, these two kinds of people dont live in the isolated world or universe.  Sadly they live in the mother earth and in our homes and our lives. Critically, we trust them with our lives and they slowly stubbing us in our back.

It is with sadness that our successful worst enemies are those gained full access in our lives. They then use such access to eat us alive, inside out. That put more preasure from people speakong the whole truth. Especislly to the very closed society.  A close society has taboos and closed culture. But, God has one culture and one taboo, live your life in accordance to the "Ttruth" and Jesus kind of "Truth".

This is even dificukt because there is a spiritual belief in it, on top of culture and human character.  That's why in the beginning I said that "dont get angry" at these friends and relatives ehen they chose to do not speak the truth.

What you can do is to do things that appeal to their self consciousness and let the truth boil inside them. Let them deal with the guilt of not speaking the truth and not vise versa. Pray for them too because "truth will set them free". Because truth brings closure and closure liberate souls and lingering minds. Truth allow a deverstating soul and mind to rest at peace and finally produce "quality life".

Happy life is made by happy peopke. Happy people have closure in tgeir souls and minds. Happy life is the product of happy life style. It is like planting corn and harvest corn.

As I always say, remember that our actions and words have two results only, good or bad. If bad oughtweighs the good, then bad will catches up with you, instantly or in the future, and vise versa. You csnnot possibly plant corn and expect yo harvrst soy beans.  That will be insane. This say is also consistent with the Ben Franklin's say that "to do the same thing over and over, and expect different results that is insanity".

The question is, ARE YOU INSANE? Before you answer this question, remember that we are all insane. We just varry in different degrees. Now, is your degree of insanety higher to the red line? Or you are just at the borderline?

Before you answer the above questions, consider that to see what is there as it is not there is darkness. But to see what is not there and it is there is double darkness. Now go ahead and answer the questions. Go Figure!

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