Saturday, October 4, 2014

Obama Administration & Ebola In Cotrast

Obama and this administration is saying that State Department to ban Travel Visa to countries with Ebola will hurt the feelings and harm relations with these countries. 

Mind you that this is the same administration rushed into premature judgement to cancel flights in Israel, the top #1 ally of America. 

Unbelievable that the contrast of Ebola is displying such reckless on this administration at its core. Truth be told. Go Figure!

NB: Meanwhile, Africans in these countries that are severely affected by the Ebola are blaming the West/America for bring the Ebola to these African countries.  I bet you these Africans heard that from their Witch Doctor, local Medice Man. It is like catch 22. 

As an African Diaspora, I always tell people to do not feel sorry for the Africans because they love their life just like people from other continents do.  Look, Africa, after WWII has received donation than any other continents. Where did it go and how did it benefit them? They are still in their old ways and will aways be. 

It is like Africans to come to America or Europe or Asia and try to tell you to chanfe and adapt Frican ways and do as Africans. You will say that is craziness.  Right? Then what make you think that Africans are not saying all the West is saying and doing is craziness? Go Figure!

The moral of this story is that you cant play with a fool because he/she will bring you down to his/her level and beat you down with the experience. 

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