Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Science v/s Superstition

Watch The Video First:

Watch The Video First:

This Video is true story, no matter how od or strange it may be, it is scientifically explanable and proven. Because one does not know it does not negate the fact that what happened to this lady, though very rare, is possible and scientifical explainable.

Africans and Superstitious People take a Note of this Video Right Here: This is scientifically possible, one in the millions to have a this rare neurological condition and get triggered by flue shot or anything else; because no one knows how our neurons will react to food or drinks or all our senses.

To Africas because of the outdated staginant taboos and traditions, anything that these medieval like customs cant explain or not know to them (even if may be it is known to the developed world and it is just a matter of sicking info and knowlege) falls under one basket, and that is "Witchcraft".

Of which "Witchcraft" relays on superstitious, taboos &  generalized belief around spirits. Remember, "Witchcraft" is faith and sadly, even educated people are caught up in this cult that strifle their informed knowledge and skills to engineer progress and development. The more you know........ Go Figure!

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