Saturday, November 1, 2014

Everyone Has A Right To Live His/Her Life

It's funny and shame how I have been going to school/studying since when I was 4 years old up to now in my very late 30s plus working hard to beat the ods. As im trying to rip what I sew and better my life, here comes someone who knows nothing about the path I passed preparing what is surfacing now, trying to make me to conform and live my life in such a way that pleases him/her only. By all factors this is practical demonic and satanic.

Take a note, if you dont like my life style or what i do, take a hike or check out a.s.a.p. before the wrath of God Jehovah falls on you. Because you know nothing about who I sought refuge in for my life and journey thru this imperfect earth from.

Above all, you know nothing about my path or what struggles I put tru. The only thing you blindly know is what you see on the surface and may be all are material things. Get inside me and my heart and get to know what I think, see, feel and do so that it can help you to review what you only see by the naked eyes which of course is all optical illustrations.

Remember that all I do is trying to better my life and please God Jehovah. If you happened to benefit in the process it's fine with me but don't try to force me to conform or dont alter me to do as you please or make me feeling bad for riping what I have been sewing all my life. Because Im not going to regret anything i do for me or conform to anyone but God Jehovah.

Yes i may have done things well and above your expectation, it should not surpruse you because you cut your talents journey short or you made wrong calculations. Therefore, don't constitute emergency obstacles on me vindictivly for me doing me. Go do you. It's common sense.

Sadly this is not only done to me. It is done to most successful people.  I mean success in all array of life. I think it is due to jealousy that someone can do or be as someone else then vindictivly act against another person who got what such hate don't have or when someone can't be like someone they wish to be.

I said all this is satanic and demonic because God Jehovah created us all unique from one another for a very good reasons, to serve him and his purposes. Anything short of our unique individual naking us all to act and do tge same is not coming from God. Only devil trys to control and manipulate human to conform into somrthing.

God gave us free-will and never ever created us to be controlled.  We are born free, endowed by the Creater upon birth unalianated rights i.e. right to life, freedom, pursue of happiness, live the dream life e.t.c. it is unfortunate to you if you are jelos when others exercise their rights granted onto tgem by God.

We cannot all do same things, be same person, act in same manors/behaviors or whish the same things. Then we will loose our humanity and become robots or machines.  That's what haters don't understand about how we himan are unique and granted each of us individual talents. It is for us individually to tap on oyr talents snd bring goodness on us and make our life here on earth better, ans not otherwise.

Go figure!

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