Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Race In Today's America, Strategically

Race in the today's America is real. Let alone, race in all corners of the world is more real and vivid.  I don't think if anyone should be surprised about this. Racism has been here before and after Jesus. So, strategically, let's get real, to you all.

As Ferguson, MO burning and looting trending, the dignity and integrity of black people is on the stake. These events are labeling us, characterizing on how we do, react and consider things. It can be both good and bad. The future will tell.

However, let's start with what we can do. As Black man, I fear the crime of black on black killing than being shot by a cop. The chances are I may be killed by fellow black man than a cop. This is real and deep. Then, why focusing and put all the efforts on a miniature possibility than a humongous possibility? Any crime that causes death is not to be tolerated.  Life is precious and cannot be wasted away. All efforts are needed and first comes first should be the strategy.

First, we black people, are to condemn all crimes that cause death equally. Then make all the necessary corrections from the within first so that we can influence the change we want into others because it will be a just change. Remember that any death of a black men by police brutality or by a coward black men in the hood is the great loss to the community.  Pure fact.

Second, burning and looting our very neighborhood because we are angry does not deter our oppressors or force the  needed change. It causes more problem on our communities and individual lives.  May be if we burned their neighborhoods it could force them to rethink and bring about the needed change. What I see it is like killing a mice that discomforting us in our homes by burning the house down. Then later start to cry for help.

Third, we need to demand to be treated with integrity and dignity as we will be treating ourselves and other as we reflect our correct reaction focusing on doing 1st & 2nd. Until then, when we are dealing with getting done with the 1st & 2nd then, the 3rd will inevitably come along as 1st & 2nd will put ground roots and rules of engagement in squaring the 3rd step strategically.

My fellow black people, we have long way to travel and change starts from us all thru our individual and collective actions. Miss-steps like burning and looting our own community are causing us more harm than good and certainly are rolling backward the dignity that we are dearly seeking. It gives our oppressors a strong hold and allow ourselves to play in the stronghold hands of our provocateurs. We have to learn how the great generation played smart and strong, something that allowed them to become the change they so needed. The moral is that we cannot possibly discount ourselves in this change that we need and it will never get handed over to us. Then what?

We cannot allow the notion of them v/s us. Ask yourself, who is them and who is us? Clearly in the change we need there is no them and us. If you think that way you have already lost the cause and the needed change. There is us all, a whole sum inclusion living in this society. Because we black people have to learn how to participate in our own communities and how laws are made.  This is symptoms of a larger problem and cause. Elections matter and not only general election, the very local small elections matter even more.

Strategy is to find the problem and its sources and isolate it. Then you will find yourself been supported by almost all the people. But if you are generalizing and you are agenda driven you will have no credible partner in progress, even your family wont fully support you. Don't generalize or make agenda. Change is the stages of life and all are particular and unique from another.

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