Monday, October 6, 2014

Life is the top Ivy League University

For those who are used to their ways only, it is time to swallow their pride and stop drawing the line on the sand, because the earth is shifting beneath them and they will wake up on the wrong side of history. Then all they worked for their entire life will be washed down the drain. 

Remember, education is to get informed, information is knowledge, and knowledge is power. Dont get drunk of power and never misconstrue your mental mind that you're informed enought. 

To live Life is to constantly acquire new information; ifo regenerates, recycles and reevents itself very rapidly. What you know and works today may not necessarily work or be viable tomorrow.

In contrast, "two wrongs dont make it right". Judge the person by the color of his/her eyes, otherwise color in human race has no significance. I never seen a White, Black or Blue or Yellow Person. Unless I'm color blind in real life. Can you imagine seen a White or Black or Yellow or Blue person. I will run away faster than a rocket. So color that are not of our eyes are significant. I got brown eyes, i know people with black, hazel, green and yellow eyes.

People are so lost, they want to change the world, but cant even change themselves. If this case was only in Florida's local news like most crimes, no one would pay enough attention.

Its starts in the home then the community, then the city, town, and state, country and world. There are stages to getting to know justice. Most people dont even know the laws of Florida and want to scream murder and justice. It doesnt work like that

Life is the top Ivy League University with the cheapest tuition. Get educated. Also, the Bible tells us that if you plant corn you will harvest corn. To think otherwise, you are insane. Also Ben Franklin, the great thinker, said that "to do same thing over and over and expect different results, it is called insanity. The world has changed and change has come, those who are resisting it, the earth is shifting beneath them.

Characteristic could make sense and a huge difference in human relations and interactions. All this White or Black or Color People thing could be wiped out in a minute. Our kids could improve and carry out the new legacy of human interactions and relationships. Go Figure!

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