Friday, June 24, 2011

Preserve The God Given Gifts (Serengeti National Park) And Pass It To Our Kids and Generations To Come As The Great Generation Passed It Onto US; It Is Our Obligation To God And Our Offspring.

Tanzanian leadership is so corrupt. They are bribed and dont care about the heritage and prestige of the nation and its people rather their personal gain. Look, learn and observe how things are done in that part of world, just corruption and personal gain decisions making leaders we have down here. People are so poor and illiterate to the point that they vote for someone in the high office for just a kilogram of rice, beans and sugar. This is someone who will make decisions that will affect you and the generations to come, but if you are not informed, you have no way of knowing it. Regular/ordinary people in the towns and villages are suffering and facing so much problems from the disconnect they face by the leadership style. No hospitals, no water, no power/electricity, no way of meeting the basic needs, and the funny thing they dont know it, they think that the rest of the world is living life just like them. They are so fooled by the leadership that anything foreign is not good and it is the neo-colonialism; and they are terrified of the colonialism coming back than their own quality of life. I won’t be surprised that the leadership is corrupting its way to construct this high highway in spite of the resistance ordinary people are still showing. They have made up their mind. Look at the new markets of the Ivory and pouching of Rhinos and Elephants due to the great demands of the Asia's booming economies that has its foot print in East Africa (EA). To understand problem of this magnitude, you have to look beyond words and at the bigger and brighter picture. Look how China and its cheep products and manpower are in fluxing and influencing the region. The corrupt leadership thinks, or feels obligated or pressured to give their backdoor dealers a nice deal, a new road to harvest the ivory and transport them easily to their Asian markets; or a very expensive contract that really has no benefit to Tanzanian in the long run. All precious animals will die soon, the people of the world will have no a game reserve with wild and the BIG 5 to watch, rather going to the zoos in the West and domesticated animals in Asia. Then what?

Does Tanzanian have ways of sustain its economy of the so called highway without having tourists? Because soon after Serengeti is gone, tourists are also gone. If I was Kenyan leader now, I will be happy as heck because I would create a scenario of harvesting all Serengeti animals into Masai Mara and keep that heritage for me because idiots Tanzanian don’t know what they have got until when they lose it. This is the benefit of having a powerful and true leadership that is rooted from true value of “Voting” power people have as a God given one, not corrupt ways, because the end-game is corrupt as well. “We The People” have to decided, and this is what The Tanzanians put in power to decide for them. Look every major decisions that impacting you ordinary person now, it is rooted from the vote you sold out. You can never complain to anybody. The neo-colonialism you are terrified of is the leaders that you elect and the system that you allow them to use to govern you. It is biblical, you rip what you sow. They found Serengeti as it is now they think that almighty God the creator of all was wrong, they are right. Who do they think they are? They are replacing God? If they are so right why everything from water, electricity, railways, drainages, and planning the towns and cities they have got wrong day after day since the white man left? Why this Serengeti thing is important to them? Fix pothole-in Dar-es-salaam roads first. You cant make another Serengeti then don’t mess with one that is there from the time that you were not know that you existed. Some things are sacred and God given gifts to man/people and don’t worthy for man/people to try unravel them, and National parks/game serves, Mountain Kilimanjaro, Tribe Lands/territory and our lakes (Serengeti is one of them). If the leadership thinks that is so smart why don’t you be like the West? Build an underground road that won’t touch or interfere with Serengeti. Do you think the underground roads/tunnels where build for just fun or heck of it? No, to avoid interference of an important sphere(s) or feature(s) that is meaningful to the particular continuance(s) or group(s) of people. Actually tunnel are safer, but very expensive that Serengeti area worth to get one if the magnitude of Tanzanian’s corruption will be put into end. God bless you all.

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"In God we Trust"


sugarbaby said...

It is true mother nature should not be altered by man because we are destructive to the God given gifts.

Anonymous said...

T.I.A This Is Africa