Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America.

Today, July the 4th 2011, we are celebrating, USA, her 234th year after the independence. The most notably terms of the USA declaration of the independence, were “We The People” as an opening statement. These are the sacred words in the living Constitution of the USA. These word helped the Founding Fathers to put the greatest foundation on freedom, individual liberty and pursue of happiness that are strengthen in the bill of rights of which the democratic world enjoys today. Thanks be to America, the Founding Fathers, who yawning for peace to all without discrimination. What makes America great is when  you can find trace of every creed, person, nationality, tribe, clan, tradition, language and nationality in America, and living free life  as functional society without any discrimination.  They all feel welcomed because of the living document that governs this greatest nation of all, The USA Constitution. It solemnly supports all peoples regardless so long one is a law abiding citizen, something that foster immigration from all corners of the world and promoting individual liberty. The combination of these values, freedom, individual liberty and pursue of happiness makes the American society stand firm and stronger always. These are truly human rights values that every free mind aspires to attain at any cost. As we seek to form the perfect union, “United We Stand” on these fronts. We can be distracted but we cannot be forgotten neither defeated because she helps us all forge the common value of all peoples. I dare to say that there is no any other nation like America in the world, and there is not even a clue of any nation close to America. If one wants to see the world, then I urge you to come to America because you will save yourself trips to many continents, countries, communities, creeds, tribes, beliefs,  traditions, clans and families all over the world while you could see and experience them in the sub-world America. America is indeed the pillar for the Democracy, Freedom, Liberty and Self Governance to all people and without discrimination. History will continue to judge American as it has been promoting these values since its beginning in spite of the road blocks it faces both internal and external.

As father, I feel graced and delighted to celebrate my child’s birthday. I therefore feel the same joy to celebrate Unite States Of America's birthday; feeling the joy that the founding fathers anticipated that we will need this day to celebrate the purity of our constitution that originated from the day we announced our independence, July 4th 1776, United states Of America’s birthday. The values America promotes are Human Rights, God Given Rights and the rights we are all entitled from the day we faced the world./earth. In America/democratic world, no one is above the law, equal justice for all, and private person can petition the Government too, when it does over reach its hands. Founding Fathers were visionaries and they are helping us to unravel the uncertainty head-on; not like many undemocratic countries that when uncertainty lingers then wars and tyrannies follow through because they don’t have a living constitution that is democratic, free and people centered like ours. God Bless The United States Of America.
"In God we Trust"

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Anonymous said...

Anybody can make it in America. You have to work hard and smart and resilient and mostly be a law-abiding citizen because no one is above the law. That is the beauty of having a government that enjoys separation of powers. Founding fathers were brilliant. America is the most welcoming nation on the earth. Claim your piece of American pie today.