Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Steve Harvey The Greatest Example Of The Fatherhood Life To The Needy Boys

Ladies and Gentleman, Mr. Steve Harvey, as usual and always brings joy to fatherhood spirit lovers and mostly to the boys that craving for fatherhood figure in their lives so that they too one day can pass on such spirit to their own kids, and the dream lives-on. It is hard to be a man without been raised by one. Manhood spirit, especially fatherhood is the tradition that is passed on to us and nurtured from boyhood to manhood. Too often fatherhood responsibly get confused to boyhood and mostly manhood. One can be both man and a boy but completely fail to be a father. Fatherhood comes with greater responsibilities  that other innocent lives/life depends on you. Fatherhood is the fine line to walk-through because it does indeed impact other lives/life (wife's/mother's, child's/children) dramatically; and especially if fatherhood role is misconstrued.  Fatherhood life is the maturity of both boyhood and manhood in a series manner. Often one cant skip boyhood  and or manhood and become successful in fatherhood. Also one dont learn manhood or Fatherhood from school, rather by been raised by one. My worry is that too many boys stuck in between childhood and manhood and dont get to become fatherhood even though they bear children.  Fatherhood is not only the ability of man to bear children, rather to bear and raise them responsibly. This is the great dilemma of our society today that we need a lot of Steve Harvey now to transform this dilemma and make corrections before we loose bearings of this very important quality and valuable society variable.


Mr. Steve Harvey, God bless you in such a sacred duty you are doing because it's fruits will multiply in so many ways that when you are long gone your legacy will stand still. I want to express my gratitude to you, your funs and the very constituency of the boys and single moms that you are helping to raise their boys to become man and most of all responsible and law abiding citizens.  Growing up from Africa, I remember the voices of my father, grandpa, uncles, cousins and male relatives screaming in my ears that "It takes a man to raise a man". That is exactly what you are doing, and that is "Fatherhood one-on-one". You are setting a great example that we all are to cherish and follow. This is your legacy Steve, we are now living it and the fruits will be ripped soon. As father, fun of your fruitful job and land-mark legacy you are putting us all through we all love your beautiful job you are doing and we are praying for you always. God has purpose in your life and that is beautiful. God bless you and the United States Of America. "Fatherhood Life Forever"

"In God we Trust"


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