Monday, June 6, 2011

Teen Pregnancy. Is It A Red Flag?

As father, I have this growing fear from the alarming increasingly numbers of teen pregnancy in the American Communities. What I don’t understand is what is the outcome of all this in the years to come? How will this shape our future society, generations and most of all the American Standing in the world Stage? Are we going to enjoy the benefits of America as the leading society that every one in the world is attracted to and aspired to be part of? Or dooms day are ahead of us is just we dont see? Are we going to lead on researches, economic powers, military mighty, democratic supporters, and most of all liberators to the oppressed? Or we are going to be seen as bunch of clowns whose society is rooted from teen-pregnancy society, single moms’ generation and welfare dependency community? Because don’t get me wrong, society as a whole is going to pay the price of these outstanding numbers of teen pregnancy because they are rooting for single moms/parents and most of all for welfare dependency that will completely crush the so called middle class in America, if any is left from the recent recessions, wall street and housing bubbles hanging around these days. As a proud member of this society, i see light on the tunnel but uncertainty is still roaming around.

The great generation stood-out  good moral qualities. They promoted hard working and surely enjoyed rewarding outcome from it. The promoted rewarding system for hard workers that went on back to back with wedlock children; means that you had to be man and woman enough to bare children and mostly raise them by supporting them by any means. This system incentive's people to work hard and support their families. They did not live this Voodoo economic that incentive's teens to have babies and or women to become single moms so that they can collect welfare easily; and energetic youths and young adults to rather sit home playing video games while collecting unemployment than work had without choosing a job.

This is why America has become a service driven society because no one want to produce like the way great generation did; because, it takes some guts and truly hard working to produce. If we all don’t break from habit of working only on the fields that offer services and truly incentive's on production jobs it is going to take years, if not generations to get out of the hole that this recessions dug us into. I lost my job during this recession, end of 2008 to the beginning of 2010. However, I had just got my Associate of Science Degree early 2008; after I lost my job I worked my way out back to school by aggressively attaining my school credentials. I pursued my Bachelor of Science Degree in ONE YEAR. During that process, on my second semester I earned a Stewarts Shop Scholarship. I was taking 18 to 20 credits a semester, and I did not take summer off. Most of all, I was getting A’s and Bs. Believe me, in America, if you put your mind into it you will pull it off.

Did I forget to say? I had my daughter 2007 and my son was born early 2009, I was full time parent as well. It was hard but, that was the fight for my life and I had no other alternatives rather to push school hard. But still it doesn’t make me choose a job because of that. But I have seen teens don’t even have a High School Diploma and or any experience in any profession, yet they choose a job. Now sad enough, teen using college funding as a way of living, how that works, it is strictly Voodoo Economics and it won’t benefit the county rather creating more economic and housing bubbles to come. I worked hard and saved my hard earned money from the $9 an hour job, they use to call me Over Time Collector, and I bought my first house from the city, tax lien. It was a rehab, I fixed it with my own hands little by little, at the same time I was working. Now the house is like burden because of so many taxes and unfair market out there. To own a house is like carrying the weight and clean-up the messy of all the members in the community. You have to pay the school tax, sewer tax, solid and waste tax, water bills, state and all local taxes. Why do I need to pay school tax if I don’t have a child/children that is going to school or attending school in the districts? I wander if parents had to pay for their children in schools may be we could have intelligent students with good grades and good morals, in stead of the teen pregnancies, gang hocked-up kids, and undereducated students we have? Let us leave school costs to the parents and relieve the middle class from carrying the burden and clean-up the community’s mess and see if the parents wont push harder for their kids to produce good results from school because they are paying directly from their pockets. Get rid of the so called education department because it is doing any good as results are getting poorer and poorer, yet more money is been spent to American students than ever and than any other students of the world.

A teen is suppose to be active, start to experience life and learn ways of the world while shaping their own ways. But when they have a child, they become dormant, because they are stuck at home, rearing children, and a child is raising a child, now who is the grown-up to discipline the other? How could that particular teen fairly raise a child and that child to compete in the vicious globe arena that we see today and the one that will multiply its viciousness tomorrow and days to come? Majority of these teens end-up been single moms and most likely their children will be single parents because that is the spirit passed on from the people they trust and it becomes a way of life. Let alone, these teens and kids don’t have father figure, and boys will have hardship to become man, because it takes a man to raise one. Most of all, they wont have a bread-winner rather a welfare check, and welfare check don’t raise a man or a woman because a man and or a woman need a father and mother figure to become one. Now that is what we are to see becoming main stream America?

Parents, teach your children today, not to be potato couches, video gamers, child bares when they are not ready to support them or at least in the wedlock, not think of only to have fun at work and most of all to work hard and proactively. Because teaching them these values will only be for their rescue in the future and generations to come. The world competition is multiplying by day and to have a greater society needs a value of hard working and wiser peoples. “Pilot-parenting” or a parent that is an enabler to the children is not serving this society and most of all the country at its best interests. Lastly, teach your children to become self reliable, and spend within their means. Children lean most of these the things they do from parents or guardians/adults from their child hood. These teens don’t come-up with these ideas by over night. Certainly, a busy teenager with teenage world as we know will hardly get caught up in the vicious cycle that is trapping our kids. She or he will be in the sports, community service, busy at school and other extra-curricular activities. But if the Christmas, Easter and Birthday gifts are these fancy cell phones, brand name clothes for school in-stead of uniforms and research books of interests, i-pad/i-pod/i-phone, video games and you know what; adults are to be blame here.

What messages, gestures or suggestions are you sending to your kids? God explore the world with these things and forget about education, sports and all physical activities. Then the body naturally will drive them into one big exiting activity of all, SEX, in results, babies and that recalculate the teens entire life and always end-up become unfortunate. I remember my parents telling me that TV is illusion, all people in the TV don’t look real, don’t act real, and almost everything is staged. In most cases it is true, the powder, the rehearsals, and for the movies and videos is all bunch of lies and misleading characters when compared with real life. But, I remember, when I was teenager, I thought that life style like the one in the TV/Video was a real; and cool and exiting have one, as I grew and got wiser, it started to stick-out that was not real and it was all staged. What I’m trying to say is that in the kids/teens’ world, things are not observed and perceived as adult world. Most of all some mistakes done at teen-age are irreversible, such as gang activities and teen pregnancy. They have permanent psychological mark that sometimes one cannot and may be will not walk out-off as these marks will always haunt them. Break this vicious cycle now, be a parent, and pass on the message.

Question? What kind of generational-values we ought to pass-on to our kids and grand-kids? The great generation gave us prosperity, the baby boomer generation gave us the Civil Rights, the Reagan's pioneer  revolution Generation gave use sense sense of confidence and America as Super Power with prosperity, and The Clinton Generation gave us advanced Technology with economic strength of the mighty Supper Power.
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