Monday, May 9, 2011

Thanks God Osama Bin Laden has depart the world

Bravo President Obama, Osama is dead and no one can deny that. I remember just like yesterday, the fear, terror and sorrow he brought in my home Country Tanzania, when he organized the US Bombing in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya; then SS Cole and September 11th. He hated freedom and democracy of other people/nations to choose their ways of life and governing in promoting peace, freedom,  liberty and equal justice for all. He was enemy of the making and he deserve not to live in this world. The world will remember you, President Obama and President Bush for comprehensive plans to intensify pressure against terrorism. President Bush's policy of terrorism and African policy that you put in place, at large has produced tremendous gain and fostering quality of life without fear of dictators and blood suckers. President Obama, fostering and capitalizing of Bush's policy toward Africa has produce a positive gain on the war against terrorism, corruption, poverty and HIV/AIDS in Africa. The recent intervention in Libya has once gain proven the world that America does care the welfare of Africa, and self imposed dictators like Muamar Qaddafi,
Laurent Gbagbo, Museven, Mugabe e.t.c can be cornered and Finlay face justice for the atrocities they committed against mankind. the ivory Cost intervention has been successful and lives were saved.

The mission itself distinct the American exception and resilience on the face of the earth. there are those fundamental hard-head that wont change even if you brought the Osama's dead body on their front door. We thank you for your wisdom, thinking through, and foresee that Ossama is never becoming a trophy or recruiting tool for freedom and democracy haters. This is what makes America the greatest nation of all. The nation and nations thanks you for your front promoting peace, liberty and equal justice for all. "In God We Trust" and May God Bless America. Job well done Mr. President

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Anonymous said...

Thanks President Bush for put the road-map, and thanks to President Obama for following the road map and finally bring the terrorists into justice.