Monday, February 23, 2015

Earthly-Evil Life v/s Heavenly -Eternal Life

The Above Picture Is The Earthly Final Destination For Both Rich and Poor, Evil and Holy, White and Colored, Educated and Uneducated e.t.c. Obtained Online, fb, to be precise.

We all dwell on living good life. But few of us are aware or anticipate to live good life by doing good deeds. Majority of people get stuck at living good life and become blind folded of living it by doing good deeds.

Now,  "what's good for a man to own the whole world but lose his own soul to the devil"? What is the 80 years of earthly life span good over eternity?

What's more valuable? Earthly temporary material things or the everlasting eternal life where our souls belongs?

Can someone explain to me? Because, both rich and poor we are going to die and we will not take anything with us. Then why waste time on value less things?

Go Figure!

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