Friday, May 8, 2015

All Life Matters!

Accounting the things we do, in the making and in the aftermath, the brutal truth is in this hyper media reaction black people, we have proven to be racists toward ourselves and others.  Two wrongs don't make it right. They say if you have a glass house don't start stone-throwing fight, lol.

Real change must start from the within.  One cannot offer what he/she dont have! Right? The problem is just as systemic than just as individual. To sneaky-picks is not the solution. To invoke race is just an imediate cause, feel good comfy buffer zone of many. There are so many factors than just "RACE" itself. But do we know so? What do we do about..?

On the other hand, it is Statistics bro. More black people in resent history are killed by fellow black man than by any other race. Especially compare to the police killing ratio. Im not condoning any killing at all.

This problem is in the making for decades, if not centuries. It will not go away by just some abrupt moments or some sporadic measures or feel good speeches.  It requires strategic measures with truly committed compassionate leaders ( i.e. Legendary and Exemplary Leader MLK) in this front and not some leeching politicians who are there for themselves.

Baltimore, MD is the city under Democrats/Liberal for decades. To blame Republican or the Media for the poverty and what is transpiring in the worlds eyes, and somehow nothing other than the Liberal Democrats policies failures it is insane. That will be like applauding the famous rhetorical of "there Blue or Red or White America" as governing platform that gives us nothing but more speeches and acts of divisiveness.

The fault is the lack of socioeconomic cased by Dems/Liberal in powers for decades in the city as and the state. Nothing more.

Real change must start from the within.  One cannot offer what he/she dont have! Right? The bottom line is, all lives matters. No one can remake a lost life. So no one has authority to take another person's life, unless someone is gravely fearful for his/her life beyond reasonable doubts.

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