Monday, May 11, 2015

Discrimination In America? The Alternative Is Worse. 

In my own country, region/province, town, village,  neighbors my blood are discriminating me because my mom is of the same tribe, Chagga-but from different area than my father's-my home, let alone all sorts of discrimination Africans endure from the within,  by fellow Africans/relatives,  at at the same time someone is dare to tell me discrimination is bad in AMERICA?  Wait a minute!

Go back to Africa and see. Are you in tune with what is happening in South Africa blacks burning fellow Africans to death- XENOPHOBIC attacks? Look around, Middle East ISIS, South America-Nacotic Gang Violence, Europe a clear distinct racial glass ceiling society.

C'omon,  America is heaven on the earth. That's why over 90% of the 7 billion population wants to come to America.

America, you don't know how good you have got.  Make the best out of it. I tell you, the alternative is worse. The Obamas know it. He is part of it. I wish he was more honest about it. But he's a politician.

POTUS Obama and FLOTUS Michele, quit trashing America.  America is heaven. It gave u and I an opportunity that Motherland Africa systematic denied me and your ancestors. So many are enjoying the goodness of America than those who are suffering from it.

Every where there is is dirt.  If you dig it you will find. This universe is not paradise. To preach what u know is factually impossible is preaching Utopia.

Instead,  preach these three thing to the American minority 1): Finish At Least High School;  2): Do not Get A Child Before You Turn 21 Years Old; And Or 3): Do not Have Children Out Of Wedlock. If some does these Big Three Things,  he/she has highest chances of become successful in life than the current alternative.

Do you really want to solve the problems that Blacks ate facing? Yes You Can. Blame game wont solve a thing but it will escalate the problem. Nothing good comes easy or through simplistic ways. Nothing has shortcut in life without serious consequences. Every successful individual knows these simple but brutal truths.

If you think there is racial discrimination in America, compare to the rest of the world the alternative is worse and devastating. What you dont know may be completely different than what you actually may think it is. Trust but verify and if it is too good to be true, then it is.

The more you know? Go Figure!

Find more facts here in this link:-

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