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Compare and Contrast President Obama Remarks on "To fight extremism, Obama calls on US to embrace its Muslims" & "Religious Freedom At National Prayer Breakfast 2015"

Source of This Picture: (Sunday, September 23, 2012 Muslim Multiculturalism and Western Post-Nationalism, Posted by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog 27 Comments)

To Compare and Contrast President Obama Remarks on "To fight extremism, Obama calls on US to embrace its Muslims" & "Religious Freedom At National Prayer Breakfast 2015",  let's give a thought that what President Obama is saying, on the resource links/video clips bellow, have elements of truth in to it. Then we could see Extremist Christians, Buddha, Hindu, and Atheist out there slaughtering people left and right, because they too live in these corrupt and poor countries with no economic upward mobility. Bu we dont see any element of these other faiths slaughtering people like chicken. Do we see that people????? Source:To fight extremism, Obama calls on US to embrace its Muslims

I think President Obama has traveled in this journey for long now, it is that we are just catching up with him now, may be. He recently started to publicly brushing off the venom & barbaric acts of ISIS as JV league, slave owners and 1000 years ago Christian Crusaders. ISIS is terrorism at its core to fellow innocent Muslims, Christian Minorities and the citizens of the civilized world. You cannot compare them with anything else, especially with an almost a 1,000 year ago Christianity crusades. Click Obama Praises God, Religious Freedom At National Prayer Breakfast 2015 - Full Speech. Did I hear that correctly? I'm confused. He is even smoothen up ISIS acts by saying such terror should be combated by our humility? Do France, innocent Christian minorities and fellow Muslims, victim of this terror, practice no humility? Really? How can humility or a 1000 year ago Christian crusades have anything to do with the ISIS acts of TERROR today? 

Mr. President's problem is that he is addressing an illogical issues from illogical people by putting logic to it and apply logic to it. It is muddy world, so get dirty with it by rolling your sleeves and prepare Americans to role the sleeve too. ISIS is pure evil, it is not Islam and has highjacked Islam in a radical and extreme way. The war is not against Islam and or religion, it is indeed against those who use religion to hide their evil acts. It is that simple Mr. President. But you first have to admit that the enemy does indeed exist, and then to figure out how to eliminate the enemy. if you dont recognize the enemy by right ways, you will fail to combat the enemy.

Is he preaching on us that ISIS is practicing its freedom of religion, thus we should be felling humility and that's it? It sure does sound like that?I'm confused of this man now; especially when I review the Rev. Right's speeches and comparing his run for president up to now in his presidency.
Analyzing him thus far, he says one thing but he mean and or act the opposite.

What Mr. President forgot to mention in his controversial remarks during his speech on American Prayer's Breakfast is that crusaders reacted to the Jihads constant attacks for years on Christianity (some as Christian minorities are facing from ISIS/Jihads now), and establish the European civilization to respect human life unlike in the Middle East and North Africa. Also Mr. President severely distorted Christianity when he spoke if Slavery. We all know there were many good Christians who pushed back on slavery. They are called "Abolitionists".

In my view to invoke this compare and contrast of Jihad ISIS with a 1000 years Christian Crusaders without equivocally trying calling for moderate Muslims to raise up against the Jihads ISIS is agitating and not solving or inspiring peace. It is not about choosing side, rather to condemn evil and protect the innocent lives.

He is Commander In Chief of American Forces and leader of the free world. He should have known that such remarks woould have ignite fire storms like many of his remarks in the past. I dont think Christians need to be preach by Mr. President about Christianity. Instead get the economy done and straighten up all ya'all acts (politicians) in DC. That's what we sent you there to do and not preaching. We gotta clergymen and women to do the preaching.

I think Mr. Obama's lies and twisting thing era is catching up with him faster than he can handle. It is what it is and no one need to be preached about. We see it we know it and we understand it. As President, Do What you are to do to keep The American people and the world safe. Don't tell us what you wont do, no, tell us what you are doing to solve the problem.

I think, to my knowledge that's how great Leaders have done, From Jesus, Washington, Founding Fathers, Lincoln, Churchill, FDR, JFK, MLK, Mandela, Nkrumah, Nasa, Pop John Paul 2nd, Gandhi, Bishop Tutu, Mwalimu Nyerere, Jomo Kenyatta, and many more. They did some actions and all got the history correct. Telling us ISIS is not Islam, is sugar coating and twisting the plain truth. I don't see them killing in the name of Jesus, or Buddha, or Tora or whatever have you. Go Figure!

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