Friday, September 23, 2011

GOP Politics On FEMA - The Irene Victims Are Real Souls In Need Right Now

How in the world GOP dare to cut FEMA's $$$ and try to bring it in its knees? Why they didn't do it during Spring when Mississippi River flooding that affected many of GOP constituency but now they see  it's okay to cut on Dem strong hold for Irene and Lee Victims? You know that up-here still people don't have roads, electricity or homes until today? You guys said no to Obama from his inauguration day anyways, and stop been  hypocrite. Yes he has done some wrong stuffs just like any other Precedents and human being;  but hypocrisy of GOP is  unprecedented and could be interpreted as unpatriotic and selfish because people are suffering, and these are good Americans, brothers and sisters. We all know history and dark side of this great nation, and yes there are some and few who cant believe that Black Man is in the "White House", but we have to be careful as nation because we are in this together as our founders said during Revolutionary War that " We will rise and fall together regardless" or FDR on Fear as Fear Itself. 

I got something for you, if  any of you don't want to pay tax go live in Somalia, they don't pay tax out there,  may be then you will appreciate American tax system.  I love American Tax System, "Tax With Representation" that is what China dont have, or for all these other so called good economies of the world; our Tax and everything in America, makes us unique and Greater nation on the Earth. Every one pays tax by just paying bills, goods, services, receiving payroll, surcharges and traffic ticked and literary buying anything under the sun. Cut it lose and don't be selfish while acting that you guys are more American than the others. 

Hurricane Irene & Lee is hurting people up north and your help is to cut funding for the very agency that support livelihood? You had Katrina portraying poor people in America like donkeys now you want to repeat that again? Is that what GOP stand for? Cut things that don’t help them personally? What happened to America? Is America now known as GOP And or Dems? I thought we also have independents, Tea Partiers, Libertarian, Liberals, Progressive and ultimately “WE THE PEOPLE”? These are true souls Rush/SEAN/GOP, that need our help regardless. Stop bringing the humor of “You are welcome againwhen I come to shop/buy casket of my love one in your store/shop/office”, Bull crap; that is like putting acid on my fresh wound and you know that is exactly what you guys are doing to disaster's victims all over this great nation when you attack FEMA. Yes, United We Are Still Standing. God Bless USA.

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