Wednesday, January 23, 2013

NRA, You Dont Care For The 2nd Amendment!!!!

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NRA, you dont really care for the 2nd Amendment, you are opportunistic. Second Amendment is as important as 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on, and it is not an "Absolute" without exception. If it was, then go get a grenade, RPG, Missiles e.t.c. They are all "Arms" or Weapons. Right?. If you think it is not okay to have grenade or RPG, that will be considered to be an exception to the Second Amendment. Right? If there is an exception to the Second Amendment, then this right is not an "Absolute". Right? Then what is the beef? I ask you again what is the beef? Do you want to live life like the Founding Fathers back in 1700's? If so how can we facilitate you to go back in the past while we chose to remain in this future? Please educate us Mr. right. We would like to know because Gun lovers like us we would like to know and make no mistakes, we are in this together no matter what.

Although we feel marginalized, we still are in this as one nation, under God. We all say and uphold the "Pledge Of Allegiance" to the United States America as an expression of loyalty to the Federal Flag and the republic of the Republic, the United States Of America; as follows: "I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Under God of-course.

Some of us feels marginalize by both NRA roll-over mentality that NRA represent all of the gun owners and sportsmen and by the Government that has my-way or high-way mentality. It is like survival for the fittest.  When elephants fights, grass, bushes and small animals get crushed and suffers the most. That is how gun lover like me feels, marginalized both ways and taken advantage of. My record speaks for itself, i dont need to convince anyone that i love guns and I feel the same way to have a right to own a gun as constitution allows me to. Sometimes, people like us feel exploited and overlooked. That is the problem of the elites and people who are out of touch tends to treat others anyways.

As a matter of reference, all amendments are all intertwined and collectively they produce common good of our democracy, whether by GOP or Dems. That is what democracy is all about. Otherwise we could have a kingdom under GOP Emperor or Dems Emperor in stead of this Republic. NRA, why don't you fight for them all, Amendments, because all make us safe and liberated? I know why. Because you are opportunistic and fame loving like Hollywood crooks. I dont want to be wire taped at my phone calls, I dont want to stop believing in my God at schools, I dont want police/law enforcement intrusion in my personal and private life, i want total control over my life so long i dont harm others and no doctor or any one for that matter to intrude it if i want to do anything with it. It is my life, my body and my soul. How about that? It feels liberated? If you really care, then why dont you go all nine yards and defend them all? because you know the truth. It is impossible for you to go that far; you will be fully be exposed who you really are.  Lawyers, politicians, manufacturers, dealers and deal makers and only care for money in your pockets mutilating the emotions of others, innocent gun lover citizens. History is the

Gun alone can't prevent all these. Dont reap-off our emotions for your own good, trashing people who are doing exactly what you are doing but in different issues. This is to say that no Amendment is "absolute" by itself. We know it throughout history because we are rational and able to analyze information. We, marginalized, dont need a lobbyists to analyze and digest information for us.

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