Thursday, January 23, 2014

Florentina B. Masawe Invades Valerian B-K. MAsao Sir. Survivors' Home

Wow!! Thank You Baby,

Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm you have shown. You have energized us Valerian Family. We are delighted to have you as one of us and I missed talking to him, Valerian Sr., on the phone every Sunday as we used to. R.I.P. Baba Valerian. Yeah man. Auntie Flo and her followers are ramping up the psycholgical war-fare. But this will end up to the Tanzanian Supreme Court and may be ICJ. You said it very well. Land is not candy one can give another in secretes without following proper channel of the law. The problem to her is to find the dead and verify every information she has and the burden of proof is on her. She can rally all of them but none of them can answer a damn question if I ask them, So let her go. This is hatred at its core. I cannot imagine how hateful this Auntie has turn to be. It is work of the devil. Times are testing and people have got to accept Jesus as their savoior. How can someone try to get what does not belong to him or her like that. I thought that the time for Chagga Tribal Traditions that surpressing woman (Widow) and the surviving children has passed, but i gues I was wrong. We are victims of this old tired up tradition now. I guess common sense has lot its truck in today's world. She is very confident, we gotta give her some kudos for that. Kudos to the followers too.

Let me see how they are going to kick us out of there. I cannot wait to see how. I will laugh so bad. How is the messanger going to say? How can someone foregn come to the home that we were born and raised and still own to tell us that we gotta go because Flo and Crew own the home now? I cannot wait to see that messange facing angry 6 men, grown men and their family with our Queeen, my mother telling us it is time to ramp it up, pack up and vacate. I cannot wait that day and a minute. I mean, even Valerian III, a four Year old, who has been there once will not understand these trumps and clowns. She is is really lost and she need prayers. Im not laughing, she need prayers. Everybody, please pray for her to come into her senses, her supporters too. I dont know what cool-aid they drunk but that must be a strong one and heavey one too.

I would like to conclude that Auntie Florentina, Kaka Ben and some few of their followers are just small number of people that clinging to these Chagga People outdated Tribal Traditional mentality/practices that opress widows and family members of the decesed closed relatives. To Valerian Family they truly got an up-hill battle, as you eloquently explained. These are not Christians and dont know the Christ as Babu Balthazar and Bibi Manyaki did. QUESTION, ANYONE SEEN THESE PEOPLE PRAYING OR PRACTICING CHRISTIANITY IN THEIR ACTS? please present the community with evidence, because My Auntie and so far, Kaka Ben are the Anti-Christ Family member I have known by both actions and their own Verbal Admisions. It is just that they are surrounded by very hypocritical small minor who wont tell them the truth, because some how these few, small minorities, benefit from them one way or the other or are scared of them.

On the other hand, I will say that they like to hear what they want to hear and thy are living in the buble, but the bubble is about to burst. Remember when We Went To See Auntie in Shanty Town and what he said about Little Patrik coming to NY for church and how she was disapointed for that? How can a parent figure be disapointed on a young man she calls her son be involved with the church? She was ranting about it for long and it is not the first time i heard her saying anti-chirst things. Let's be honest here, it is satanic and devilsh by nature. The same force used to denouce Christ like activities, is leading her to denounce my father Valerian as her blood brother and her desire to chase my mother at the very house and home she help to build with her husband-Valerian and renovaleted/restored by us-Their Children; and it is the same force strengthen her hatred tward all humanity and mankind. I call upon the Blood Of Jesus to stop these Evil Forces using her, Kaka Ben and their followers.

God has done many miracles and this is one of them. Belive me they will be saved by the Blood of Jesus asap, if they accept Jesus as the Savior and the Lord. However, they better keep their distance all together because emotions are way too high for a human being to handle. This is dispeakable in this day and age. Amen they will come to God and amen God will cleanse them, amen they will repent, amen we will maintain boundaries and keep our outonomy at our home. Free and peaceful at our home at last, thanks God Almighty.!

Hey every one thanks for the love . Visit this Blog for more to come or Florentina B. Masawe Invades Valerian B-K. MAsao Sir. Survivors' Home.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! This is one powerful and definitive proclamation of accepting God and denoucing devil, even though it seems like the devil is coming thru family members. One thing that I'm in common with here is that many of hatred and foul incidents that I have encountered are coming from very close by persons i.e. relatives, coworkers, friends, class/schoolmates and or associates. You said it well, evil is rooted from hypocrisy of people around you. Pay attention and learn the motives of people around you.

Anonymous said...

I'mnot at all surprised by actions of this woman, Florentina Masawe or distance relatives. I have researched this problem extensively.

This is persistent problem in Africa, Tanzania in particular. Sadly even for those jave had Western world exposure and or life style, are part of the problem, nvading and oppressing wodowns, women, ophans, and children of the less advantaged families.

This problem is at hearts and souls of the doers. It is pure evil at core.