Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dont Cease To be "You"

An independent mind of a unique person, of which we are all unique 100%, tends to think, act, perceive, react and talk independently and uniquely as we ought to and should be. God created us all uniquely but granted equal rights and justice. Don't cease to be "you", the very person Almighty God Created and expected you to be.

Thus, anything forces you to do not do you, it is unGodly and it then forces you to do others. from that time you are no longer you. You have become something else. You must know who that new-you have become, which is not natural. Or else, you are not yourself.  It has to be a mind bugging to watch such movie on the big screen, lol.

So, be careful of forces that coming at you and want you to do things as they want, contrary to what you ought to do. These forces come gently, and later become demanding and forceful, even threatening your very existence at some point. Why? Because you negated to be yourself. You allowed you to become something else for far too long and you are no longer you.

Thus, to become you again you have to fight whoever became you so that you can regain you back to yourself. Just as God created you. He had a purpose on you and don't lose you and expect God is with you or will be with you. To do so is to try to become God yourself. You know what the real God will do to you for such arrogance. Be careful of soft powers. They are not so soft. They disguise to look soft, but in reality, they are far powerful than you may think. Strongest powers start as soft at first.

Whatever you do, don't cease to be you and fight to stay being you. there is the only one you and one life you are loving, and that's your life. Make the best out of it that way when your time is up, you leave this rugged earth happy knowing that you made the best out of your life.

Remember that if God who created you, did not want you to be you, he could never have created you in the first place. Right? He could have created the person forces you to change from you into the person that forcing itself into you and not letting you to be you. Did you ever think this through?
Don't end up leaving this earth unsettled and unhappy of your life because you lived a life of others and not yours. That will the sad thing to feel and position to be. Always, do the right thing, no matter what and how many forces forcing you to do otherwise. Stay blessed.

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