Monday, April 17, 2017

US Vice-President Mike Pence Said that the "Era of Strategic Patience" with North Korea Dictator(s) is Over

Video clipi by Fox New. US Vice-President Mike Pence, today said that United States considers the "era of strategic patience" with North Korea is over. What's that means?  Also, read more from

As Scholar of International Relations and Diplomacy, knowing the International Treaties, Trump administration has changed the global politics for just 2 acts in two weeks. It's unbelievable! I wonder if he grasps the magnitudes of his administration's acts. Does he? We shall see.

China, Japan and South Korea are now directly and fully forced to think deep about N. Korea as way of surviving. The only plausible solution to these 3 countries is to become Natural ally of the US against N. Korean mad man regime, because the contrary is detrimental to the world. They really don't want come head-on against the US, because it will be perceived as defense to N. Korea. Isn't it? Why or why not? I think it's also too, because US is not taking N. Korea as a joke anymore and N. Korea is increasingly becoming dangerous to the US and her allies, and to the world. Thus, N. Korea is becoming less of a Chinese's bargain chip to the US and the world.

My friend, this is the most powerful move a human being can have, to influence the 2nd [China] and 3rd [Japan] World's biggest economies plus S. Korea and the entire world in such magnitudes. It's beyond anything we have seen in our era! This administration's move has recalculated the world geopolitics. The impacts will be far reaching than anyone can predict now, because the world's geopolitics are moving faster than ever.

The world markets and economy will follow this geopolitical shift and may end up be for good or bad. Who knows But, a ntural response is what a Swahili word says "when elephants fights, grass and bush branches suffer the most". This metaphor is true here also. Developing economies may take a hit than developed economies, caused by fluidity and ability to shift quickly as response to global markets.

When analyzing the threading needles in this equation, it is breathtaking how fast things are changing. For so little coming out of this unpredictable situation, these big nations are now all things NK and US moves second by second. But, of course the media and Trump's critics are so discombobulated, they can't seem to conjugate raw facts from what is shaping the world and its geo-map entirely. Critics are all things Trump personal and only direct their shocking grievience on November 8th General Election, annd have not articulated a way of dealing with this much changing in the US Government. I think Trump winning caught them off-guard.

Oh' I have not added the prospect of Nuke War with Russia over Syria yet, because Syria is Russian baby. Yet, put Iran that was so bold a little while a go, now muted because couple of the 21k pound MOAB csn take care of business and close the deal. Now, Russia is different beast entirely. Before November 8th 2016 this outcome could be looked as madness to both Trump supporters and fiercest critics. But it's fact now. Russia is now battling a way to assume its position on the world after comfortably run the show during the predictable US.

This unpredictability is rattling and recalculating Russia as well. For only Russia,  Syria, Iran and N. Korea to come against the use of 57 Tomahawk Missiles, and the rest of the world support its use, has sent a chilling signal to these 4 countries. Expecially, Trump carrying the attacks while hosting Chinese president Jinping, was a bold signal of different US.

I think, this administration's gamble is that Russia and China are not ready to go all out war with America for Syrian, Iran or N. Korea, and thei clearly overdure misgivings to the world for decades now. Also, consider that Syria is already broken into pieces anyways with US and Allies one part, ISIS's fading survival and Russia, Iran and Syrian Regime the other side. Americas and allies have foot prints in Syria for decades now. What Trimp administration did was just a symbolic thing to send a message. I hope so. No one has any appetite to claim Syria entirely, going all out war with the other side.

Make no mistake,  any outbreak of war btn US and N. Korea is not good for China, Japan or South Korea and the world at all, by all means. Likewise,  from antagonistic NK, a possibility of a Nuclear Japan and S. Korea as self defense measure from this mad man N. Korea is not something that China will welcome at all. Thus, this prospect is forcing China to address her poster child N. Korea because the contrary may have far more reaching repercussions.

Who knew all these new scenarios were reality and possible under Trump Administration? No way these were possibilities, but we are witnessing them unfold in front of our own very eyes now. No one can argue that Trump Administration, knowingly or not, has changed and or impacting China's behavior in a more significant way for just weeks than any other administration ever. Also has shifted the world in good and or bad ways depending on who you asked based on the new shifting geopolitics.

By all means, i have no love for Trump's actions in this unpredictable situation and or prospects of Nuke warfare. It's natural for us human being to expect predictability, especially to the most reliable leaders of the world. I'm just life long scholar of how nations and national institutions interact and influence one another,  and I'm just analyzing what is transpiring in front of our eyes.

F. Y. I. It is like how POTUS Bush [Bush Doctrine] declaration that "Whoever Assist Terrorist is also a Terrorist" and how it made him a natural ally of Africa after 9/11. His policy saw Dictators like Jonas Savimbi and Charles Taylor etc ousted asap while Africa countries couldn't oust them for decades. Africa had declared these dictatorsas Terrorists of Africa. Also, Bush administration's abilities to open up the new avenues in Africa, to the point that POTUS OBAMA had nothing further for Africa but to embrace and sustain what Bush started, is something worth noting.

Now, bush did work with POTUS Clinton in Africa. So critics,  rest assured. I spare the 1999 President Clinton tour Africa and his head-on with Legend Mandela and the Catholic Church-(Kenya) in regards to HIV/AIDS and US pharmaceuticals' copyright issues.

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