Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fatherhood Moments

On February  2009 God has blessed us a new baby, Valerian B.K. Masao III A.K.A Rocky.  We call him Rocky for so many reasons and it is blessing. It is joy and we are celebrating with recognition that God is great and almighty. It is good to be father and responsible one too. To all fathers out there please be responsible fathers for the lives you bring in to life, running away is not a way to solve problems, rather brings chaos to the innocent life(lives). Let us embrace our president's statement that to stop being like children, to stop being like boys rather be like real men while handling our business like fathers. We ought to be role models, leaders, supporters, mentors and responsible for our children' lives. That is to be the real man in front of the eyes of the community and under God. That is how it is suppose to be and we will pass this good tradition to our children and children children. Amen.

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