Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tributes to Uncle Duessie Sappi

In the Picture, on the left, is ma-man Late Dussie A. Sappi, of Utica, NY originally from Tanga Tanzania, with resembling now President J.K. Kikwete fella. My man Dussie passed on July 28th 2008 from liver and kidney failure. May his soul rest in the eternal peace.

Today I just wanted to dedicate this day for him. Im gonna miss him a lot, for he was a great guy, I learn a lot from him. It is a great loss for not having him in ma BBQs or in the entrepreneurship, he was a great uncle and friend. He was there for me, my wife and my daughter Malaika since her birth. She loved him too. We gonna miss you uncle Duessie, we are on the same way though. we believe we gonna meet again. Peace's n love. We all remember you.

I know Jenelle, Keilly and Mama Kathy are missing you big time. But what else can we do? because God's plans are always are greater than ours. I always wander where you are and what happened because it happend so fast? But I have this comfort in my heart, the things you have told me all the time, the good ideas you have put in me, the good example you have demonstrated to me, about how to live with people from every corner of the world, the good stories of your life as a journey, from Tanzania, East Africa, to Europe and Americas, it is fascinating and energize me whenever I remember.

You have showing me a part of the world that no body could. You have made me who I'm and what I'm through your inspiration. No one knows, because most of the time, whenever I had an instance of giving up in life you were the first to receive my phone calls or meet and talk; and we I always had a great talk and answer for the things that lingered my mind and led me to think that it was time to give up. You lead me toward the path of American Dream and i happened to attain a piece of American Pie in the process. It was a one step in on the door, and that has your foot-step mark on it.

Swahili people always say "Chema hakidumu". That is true, what is good don't last forever, if you know what I mean. Your legacy is unforgotten, many are embracing your legacy and we are confident that we will cherish, as you always did, house parties with wabongos and all people are going on, fishing is to be strengthen, business is as usual, BBQ don't even mention, lastly entrepreneur-spirit is high, property ownership-your back-bone has dramatically increase and believe me we will not perish. In stead, we will perish, God willing.
Lastly, Hope and your loving friend and niece, my daughter Malaika will miss you dearly; and will share with me the good of you, as you have showing and live your legacy. Peace and love. R.I.P Uncle Duessies Sappi.

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