Thursday, September 11, 2008

A day to remember

Today September 11th 2008, we are once again remembering September 11 2011. This day reminds all of us that the work is still to be done and it needs a courage for all of us as a strong nation under God to stand united and defeat the terrorist and all dictatorship regimes that support terrorist. As President Bush declared the war-on terror soon after September 11th 2001 attacks that there is no distinction between a terrorist and any one who is supporting terrorists; "if you support terrorist, you are a terrorist".  This is true now as it was true then. May God bless those who are still healing from the loss of their love one and those who are healing from the physical, spiritual and emotional wounds from the acts of terrorists. Also may God bless us all and may God Bless America and bring peace and closure to all.

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