Friday, November 5, 2010

The East africa in the 2010 Human Development Index report by UNDP:

The East africa in the 2010 Human Development Index report by UNDP:
 Map Of East African Federation, Tanzania, Kenya & Uganda

Again, Kenya is the best in East Africa, ranked 87 out of 169 nations, with Uganda ranked at 143 and Tanzania 148. Now that is how the world sees us and evaluates us when come to the human development category. That is the reality, no matter how Tanzanian we set our reality, the fact the matter is we are trailing, because we think we can form our reality and propaganda about peace and development in our terms; nop, there are universal standards on human development, such as power-electricity, roads, meals, access to public service, education, health care distribution of wealthy that way every one can have a piece of the pie, how we treat poor and needy, and so many factors. It is not only measured by selfish politicians who don’t even use the services of their own county rather them and their families use Europe, India, America or South Africa for Education, banking, recreation and healthcare services, because ours are rotten and can not meet human standards. So why lying that Tanzania is the best? You can fool some people sometimes but cant fool all peoples at all the time. We seriously need leadership and policies that will move us forward. Just my opinion; peace- out bro and sis.

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