Saturday, December 15, 2012

NewTown, Connecticut Shooting Tragedy

"State police lead children from Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., after the shooting. Students had huddled in closets and corners as the carnage unfolded. (Shannon Hicks, Newtown Bee / December 14, 2012)" By LA Times

On Friday, December 14th 2012, a gun man entered Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and gun down killing 20 children and 6 adults. Sadly, kids that he targeted were as you as 5 to 10 years old. 20 innocent lives were snatched out of their parents, siblings, relatives, friends, classmates, community and this great nation of all hands by this gun-man. What these kids did to deserve such heinous killing that sorrows every household in America? Why these five to 7 years old? What did they do to deserve this? Whatever that may be said hereafter is not, should not and will not justify this tragedy and its entirety. What happened here is beyond human recognition and combination of a lot of things in the making for so long now.


What is troubling is that he went rampage and shoot as many kids as he could. He prayed for them because they are weak, selfless, vulnerable and innocent. They couldn’t protect themselves and the 8 Adults that were there were overpowered by the gun-man. As father of a 3 years old boy and a 5 years old girl, I’m terrified and sickening with this tragedy. It has put dent in my heart realizing that parents can do all they could to protect their children, but a sickening man like this gun-man can just snatch it all from us in a blink of an eye. That is a terrible feeling and it is frightening parents all around the nation.


When I drop them off to school and kiss them tell them that “I love them” with a hug, I want to be sure that they will come back home with me. No parent should live in fear that their 5 to 7 year old children are not going to come home. To be in that state of mind and worries it is too much to bear for loving and caring parents.   


What is sad is the gun-man had hundreds of rounds with an assault, military style rifle, and bullet proof vest to prevent anyone who may have tried to gun him done before he finished his killing plan. He was calculative because he killed the adults who were protecting the children then he went after the children killing them at very close range multiple times. This is sickening and present horror and anxiety to our already vulnerable children with the families. We need our kids to be and feel safe so that they can grow health and confident that the can impact the world in a positive ways. We need to make sure that the world we are leaving for our kids is better-off than the one we inherited from our parents just like our ancestors did pas-on to us, and not another ways round. We are talking about killing little babies here, who are vulnerable and need parental and adult care 24/7 365 days for years before they can make decisions of their own. How cruel can it get to send a resounding message that we as parents, community and society embers do have a sacred obligation to protect the vulnerable? 

May God bless and have mercy on the grieving families for their great loss they are enduring. May God also bless the New Town, CT community and this great nation of all with its peoples in to it to grasp God’s word and his teaching because Prophesy of His Book of Revelation is unveiling right on our eyes and the devil is spinning this prophesy twisting us all. All tragedies from personal, family, community and national levels are too many and correlate with the Revelation Book. For example, look at booming of Vampire series/movies/Video games, use of illicit drugs, abuse of prescription drugs, abuse of alcohol, erosion of family manners, erosion of ethics and many public discourses exhibited by children, teenagers and adults as both public figures/celebrities and leaderships.

Remember? Jesus was crucified for us all to know "The Truth" and manage to enter his father's Kingdom. Then he is the truth and is for us all to accept that. Gun dont kill people but people behind it, Guns are becoming scapegoat of everything and that is what devil wants. We need some "Self Control" and not only rushing to "Gun Control". Get to know the truth. 


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Anonymous said...

This gun-man was a monster and monsters are not civilized or do not deserve a constitutional right like second amendment. I agree that we need more self control than gun control because gun itself dont kill but the person behind it does kill. However, more gun dont indicate to have prevented this because the mother of the killer had 6 powerful guns and this monster used one of it to kill her and go rampage on these innocent kids and civilians. The remained five guns couldnt save this woman, and that is the prof that just because someone has a gun in the house is "Absolutely" safe. Your own gun can be used to kill you if it falls on the wrong hands, and that injects the question of self control. The other thing is the notion that someone can buy 100+ bullets and not oversights whatsoever or a 10+ magazine clip. I spoke to a lot of hunters and they barely used more than 3 bullets to shoot an animal because by the 3rd bullet, the animal is up and run and no way of targeting it. For sport reasons, it is ridiculous to have such loose control. As NY Sen Chuck S. said no amendment in the US constitution is absolute without restriction, so as the 2nd amendment. It is the constitutional rights like privacy, freedom of speech and all bills of rights. But we still get wire taped on our phones, we get searched and pat-down without due process at the airports, e.t.c. and it is for good reasons; to keep us safe from the terrorists, Patriotic Act. So we can keep our kids safe at school and community members safe by closing the second amendment loopholes and create a self control including having armed police in our schools to protect our kids. We have cops all around the nation why not in the schools? Make the magazine clips 5 rounds, assault weapon are war machine, keep them off the streets unless you want war in the streets. Common sense here people.