Thursday, November 29, 2012

"God Created A Soul"

It is with no argument that "God Created a Soul, a soul is to please God, and soul gives back to God in serving other souls". We have heard and seen so many scientific development in both nano and biological technology, but so far all scientific improvements have not explained what is is a 'Soul", who makes it and if a human can make a"Soul".

Therefore,a  "Soul" is remained to be mastery that lingers humanity. I happened to believe that "Soul" is the miracle of God. A human cannot make a "Soul". Thus, we intend to preserve, treasure and protect the "Soul" at all cost; at least to the true believer of the Almighty God who is Art in Heaven and his Thy Kingdom comes, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven,

However, "down in life, all we need is second chances, can be twice or even six times, we all thrive to get that second chance right". It is also with no doubt that most of us have got so many "Second Chances" in life. Some knowingly or unknowingly, we either waste them uselessly or used them rightly. We learn from our own experiences and mistakes in life. That is what life is all about. Life is the biggest and  informative university of all. Mr. Masao

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