Tuesday, September 24, 2013

American Exceptionalism Is Not A Myth

Since Russian President Putin published his pathetic remarks that the world is at danger for America been considered to be an exceptional nation, many have wondered if this is at all true? Look, it is a Russian president we are talking about here. The leader of the soul of USSR, Russia, that was so resistant to America and her freedom to the world. Russia and the then USSR, which proved itself to continue to be the stronghold of communism, socialism and dictatorship that is suppressing and devastated Africa, East Europe, Far East Asian and South America is not expected to be credible counterpart of America when come to things like freedom and democracy. Facts indicate that Russia is the new bottle containing the old wine, USSR.

President Mr. Putin is not only free, but eager to publish in the American’s and the world’s most elite and prominent publisher, the Time Magazine, and managed to speak to the majority of Americans and the world audience. Something that an American President cannot be able to do or will not have a chance to in Russia, speaking to the Russian people through any Russian prominent publisher. Let alone, the ordinary Russians are not free to speak their minds as they wish. Russia, its allies and Mr. Putin doesn’t understand that we all have freedom and our freedom is endowed to us by the creator since our birth and not otherwise. But Mr. Putin is so arrogant and fool-of himself for questioning the American exceptionalism without noticing that he just used it to speak his mind, and the irony is that many Russians cannot manage to speak their minds at all inside Russia.

The act of him even to be able to say what he said and speak to the Americans and the world through the Times magazine while his fellow country men and women cannot do the same inside Russia, isn’t that exceptionalism that characterizes America at its core? This man kills his opponents randomly and without any accountability whatsoever. He doesn’t have government of the people, by the people for the people that he is representing and or answers to. He is entirely acting as sole installed leader without independent Congress/parliament and judicial system that practicing governance separately, separation of government powers.  He is ruling Russia like it is ancient monarch and he is like the king. Let alone he supports Syrian, North Korean and Iranian brutal regimes that brutalize their peoples, whose leaders impose themselves as gods to their peoples. His remarks are laughable to the free-world and today’s society.

I think his statement questioning American Exceptionalism is the sole testimonial that America is indeed exceptional to the rest of the world and President Obama today nailed the last nail to the coffin the notion that Russia could be standing up to the American plate at the world stage. American’s sacrifice toward the world peace and stability through democracy and freedom is real. She paid too high price compare to all other nations of the world regardless their size, geographical location, demographic, economy and powers. America has her at-most place in the world and well known as the most unique nation than any other nations of the mother earth. That is an American Exceptionalism Mr. Putin. You or any of your allies cannot deny this fact because it is as vivid and fresh as it can be, face it.

The era of dictators has long gone, change has arrived and is here to stay. America is exceptional for welcoming people of all walks of life and calling her their "home". Because she is serving the most in need of freedom from oppression and atrocities, sharing and giving immigrants her home, saving and serving the world in all fronts, and championing the sole projects that are serving and saving the humanity (innovating or instituting internet, universal banking system, GPS, Democracy, Freedom, Space programs, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, computing, mobile technologies, and so on). All these are championing quality of life for all the peoples of the world and help them to have a say in the free markets and world that we are living. This happened to be the greatest threats to Russian and its allies, but people will rise and speak out and America is and will always be with them and on their side. That is what makes America great and exceptional, Mr. Putin.

Contrary to the Russia and China, that have a self-serving agenda and onset rivalry to America by preventing their peoples to truly have freedom and or by their governments supporting dictators that are brutal to their people, like as it is in Syria, Iran and North Korea; America, instead is exceptional in this case for siding with the oppressed, victims of their government and ordinary peoples. No wonder everyone in the world is looking to get a sport in America because the rhetoric of opposing American exceptionalism in many from Russian and its allies alike countries does not match the reality of how America is compare to their reality at their home nations. 

This is the fact that often noticed when the rubber hits the ground. Which is an American say that the facts are the facts and will still be just facts; it is when the reality hits you like a lightning rod. Means that what you have been taught and believe in is not at all the truth but left to face the real truth as it is. It is a sad situation and place for any human being to be, just like situation that Syria is facing now. Finding out that nor Iran or Russia could help it by countering the maintaining of American War machine when all the guns and missile heads are aiming at its very existence, is the scary thing and dictator Assad for understand this well than anyone. Then, they had to come up with a spin as an excuse like handing over the poisonous gases to avoid the American bombs. Of which still Syria faces the very same force of the American military mighty until it fulfill its obligation, today or ten years from now, he has put itself in the American cross fire and that was crossing the red-line. 

Let it be known as fact, because home-boy Obama is No-Drama-Obama but when he comes out swinging he hit harder than my Cow-Boy President Bush. The record is clear. All these sums up that America is an exceptional Nation and she will always be exceptional. America is the only country on the earth that you can find all kinds of people from all walks of life that live openly and freely as they see fit under the rule of law for all and no one is above the law. That is the fact too Mr. Putin and allies. You can show off about that if you have got anything to show for in this front.

Tell me where else this is possible? Russia is anti-gay, anti-blacks, anti-Muslim and etc. Look what is happening in Chechnya, killing of Africans who lived in Russia for decades, and the recent anti-gay law. All these, and what Russia and its allies stand for, are undeniably against the declaration and principles of the universal human rights that the free human society strives to overcome. This is the Russian’s and its allies legacy, brutal regimes that brutalize their people at any cost. It is sad and despicable. May God bless the US of A’s..

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