Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Costly Looming US Government Shut-Down!

The costly looming US government shut-down is becoming real every day. The US Congress number one job is to pass the bills to authorize government payment of its bills, which of course are resulting from approved US congress spending bills. To shut down the entire US Government because a fraction, the minority of the minorities-conservatives, of the government doesn’t like them as law of the land is ludacris and disturbing. Now to add the coming debt ceiling in the equation is getting even darker because it is starting to look like hostage taking negotiations and anything can happen when you have such spinning of roles.

Just an insight on how US constituting works and it is supposed to be worked out. Congress pass bills then president sign them and they become law of the land. We all know that. Then Congress pass Continuing Resolutions (CRs) authorizing the president to spend money that will fund the US Government on the bills they passed and discretionary options that are granted to president as per the US Constitution.   We are all clear about that. Now, how do you feel when the US congress tell president that, by the way the bills we passed and order you under the law to implement, you aint getting the money for it because we are not passing CR funding them. That will be atrocious, right? Now that is Obamacare and Farm-Bill. They are just as laws of the land as any other laws this nation has ever created.

 Obamacare was passed by US Congress and signed by US president three years ago, and last year, US Supreme Court upheld it. It is as clear as it can be that it is the full-fledged US law than most other US laws, because it passed all three thresholds of the separated US Governmental powers. GOP/Conservatives are just winning like spoiled little babies that couldn’t get candy from refusing to participating in the candy party/or refused to go to the the Halloween trick or treat party/walks. Who’s fault is that? Is it the American people or the GOP? Why then they hold all of us hostage for their on political and selfish agendas? We will speak through our votes unequivocally and with convictions. “Vote them all out!!!!!”

The danger here is that from today on, each administration and congress can cherry-peaking its bills that it support and abandon the rest that it does not like. Think about it American people, you will be left to fend for yourself because this display is becoming common and reality. You may not like it but, do you remember how many things you like but others dislike, and vise versa? Solution is finding a common ground and each to compromise, tolerate one another for better good, that’s what is missing in the US Congress nowadays and the rift is keeping on widening as ever.  

The results are that the GOP/Conservative US Congress ways of solving  American problem; are: Oh! well i don't like the mice in my castle,  so I’m burning the house down with a mice in it. Is that how we expect them to act and do things on our behalf to our great economy?  That is how GOP/Conservative ways of looking and solving Obamacare problems. Which of course is the minority of the minorities of the 1/3 of the entire US Government. How wonderful? Good Lord Gracious. And we all complain how our youngsters have become responsible and doing childish stuffs. I wonder where did they learn these things from? It is simple. From their parents and society around them. How idiotic can it be to publicly be know? To be member of congress is worse than being a gang-banger.

The unintended consequence of this widening bridge is that every day ordinary American people are increasingly suffering while the few, elites and well-connected are benefiting more. For example, the GOP main focus to make Obama the one term president, instead of restoring the US economy from the 2008 recession has cost this nation many more jobs and weakening the recovery by far. More people are not able to put food on their table and obtaining a job after college. The governing of crisis after crisis is putting dent on interests that America has to pay for the money it borrows and that has weakening the dollar and your investments. The downgrade of the US credit rate will result in more damage to your retirement, investments and overall net wealth. Furthermore, the operation of fraction of the US Government when it shut down is $100 million more per day, and that is adding up to the deficit and national debt. How can GOP tells us that it care for our fiscal condition? These are self-inflicted wounds and have no place to America and or the sophisticated world we live.

The denial of your right to have a working US congress without special interest driven mentality is making the US congress to focus on the few and well-connected more than majority which are you. You are either democrat-liberal or republican/GOP-conservative and you are all in this together regardless of the self-driven politics of choice, like, dislike, or personal convictions. The acts of US Congress tend to affect us all without discriminating and that is the fact and whole truth. Look! The House controlled by GOP passed 40+ bills to defund or kill Obamacare and none worked. What makes you think this one will work? It is lack of Ben Francklin's call of Common Sense to humanity, that not to do same thing over and over and somehow expecting different results. I guess GOP did really missed-out on this great lesson.

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