Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The US Government In Shut-Down Mode & Soon To Default, Over Obamacare?!

Constitutional responsibilities are Congress to pass bills and president to sign them into law and not vice versa. So if congress don’t pass the laws, such as funding the government for already passed and signed into law bills, Obamacare in this front, is not president's malpractice here, because no bill is passed l, CR to fund government, and constitution don’t give the president an absolute power to run the government without congressional approval. Then, how is this governmental shut down become presidential blame? GOP got us in this messy and they need to get us and themselves out of it asap.

Sadly congress men and women are getting paid for making such catastrophic pains to Americans, their employers and bosses. Let's fire them all.. Mr. Speaker, John Boehner and far right GOP, Obamacare passed all the thresholds as law of the land and is here to stay. Stop obsession over it and start to govern now or you are all fired.
I repeat, again and again that let's fire them all through our constitutional rights, voting the ballot box. Obamacare passed all the thresholds to become the law of the land and is here to stay. GOP has got to stop obsession over the Obamacare because their actions for 4 year now are taking Americans as hostage taken of their selfishness.
When does GOP going to learn that to do something over and over again and expect different results is insanity? This is how they are acting, bunch dead-bits, when comes to the Obamacare. On Obamacare, GOP is insane in their membranes.
Just now as it happens, GOP nut-heads are blaming the ongoing government shut down on Obamacare because of its dysfunctional website. Really!!!? Too much trafficng on the website can cause it to crush. Means that many people are signing up on Obamacare that critics expected. In what universe these GOP people live? Their obsession on Obamacare is hurting all of us regardless of ideology, race, economic status, geographic location, religion, age and gender.

If Obamacare is so bad let it crumble on itself before our eyes. Don’t shut down the government and or default on the full fledge credit of American and cause hardship and hurting the American peoples for generations.

This is results of the GOP becoming the party of “NO” for the past 5 years and strategizing to obstructing President Obama since day one as GOP’s Senate Minority Leader, Senator Mitch McConnell said on the senate floor back in January 2009 when President Obama was inaugurated that GOP and his number one job was to make sure that “Obama is one term president”. This GOP’s strategy was in the midst of America bleeding 700,000 jobs a month and Americans were panicking from the 2008 recession.

The day one setting events of the GOP and obstructionist strategy for years has given us, the American peoples, what we see now. This is not the results of one day, week, moth and or year of making. This is the core of the GOP bad blood to president Obama since he was elected. His reelection threw them off-balance, but their same strategy of obstructing President Obama’s leadership of this great nation is intact. Now we can vividly see that American Peoples are the victim because their setting events are aimed at president Obama but impacts are coming to the regular American people. it is the fights of the bulls and hay/grass getting crushed. Read their words and listen to the tone of their voice. Something is boiling and not the vapor is coming out of the surface. God bless the USA.

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